Cosy caravan stays are good for your health

It turns out that caravanning is good for your health

By Emma Dodd

In the depths of winter, the idea of getting cosy in your caravan is a welcome thought, but it’s also good for your health, according to one expert.

Christian van Nieuwerburgh is professor of coaching and positive psychology at the University of East London and he’s been speaking to Park Leisure.

He highlighted the importance to our mental wellbeing of feeling warm and secure at this time of year.

Professor van Nieuwerburgh said: “Human beings may be drawn to cosiness because it is indicative of having a safe, warm place to shelter from the elements.”

Any caravanner who has returned to their van after a wet walk and fallen asleep to the sound of rain drumming on the roof while warm in their bed will be able to relate to this sentiment.

So, what are the nation’s favourite ways to get cosy during the winter months? The holiday park company asked around and it turns out that it’s all about tapping into our senses.

Scents were found to be particularly important when it comes to ramping up the cosiness, with the fragrance of vanilla and freshly baked bread proving popular.

And it’s not hard to fill a caravan with lovely smells, as these spaces are smaller than the average home.

So, next time you’re away in the van, be sure to pack all the ingredients for a loaf, and as well as the delicious scent, you’ll also enjoy making it and take even more pleasure from eating it.

Speaking of taste, nobody will be surprised that hot chocolate came out as the number one drink to evoke cosiness amongst caravanners.

Whether you enjoy yours with a dash of something stronger added or a melting marshmallow on top, it’s sure to warm you up on cold days.

What are your favourite ways to get cosy in your caravan? Let us know in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter.