Caravans reduced to dust after fire at Lynemouth storage facility

Caravan fires can spread very quickly

by Jake Polden

Firefighters were called to tackle a destructive blaze on Saturday (16 November), as Lynemouth storage facility in Northumberland was shrouded in flames and thick black smoke.

Arriving to the scene at around 2:30pm, the fire department proceeded to corner off the entire facility and adjoining road, before attempting to manage the blaze.

Taking firefighters two hours to control, ten caravans and two motorhomes are reported to have perished, while many others have experienced some level of cosmetic damage.

Speaking for the Northumberland fire and rescue service, a spokesperson said: “There were ten liquid petroleum gas cylinders in the vicinity of the fire and some exploded.

“Fire crews adopted the procedure for these cylinders – applying a water spray to cool them and then checking that they were safe.”

While the current belief is that the fire was caused by youths who gained entrance by climbing a fence, the destruction, exaggerated by the gas canisters on site, will inevitably call into question the level of security that surrounds caravan storage facilities up and down the country.