Caravan manoeuvring simulator launches on mobile

Driver reserving a leisure vehicle

As more people take to the road in their caravans in the wake of the pandemic, it’s vital their skills are up to scratch.

Luckily, there’s a caravan manoeuvring simulator that allows them to practice before driving a caravan for real, and it’s just launched on mobile.

ReverseMyTrailer allows users to gain a 360-degree view and experience what it’s like trying to park a caravan and adjust it into a pitch.

It also offers advice and explains the whole process to those who are new to driving a caravan or just in need of a brush up on their skills.

Previously only available on desktop, ReverseMyTrailer can now be accessed as an app for use on iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Users can choose a leisure vehicle and scenario to practice, as well as opting for a bird’s eye view or wing mirror view to gain greater understanding.

ReverseMyTrailer has already proved popular with caravanners, as it’s been downloaded more than 1,000 times and the feedback has been positive.

Jim Bedigan, creator of ReverseMyTrailer, told CaravanTimes: “I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the level of interest shown not just here in the UK, but in many other parts of the world – ReverseMyTrailer has gone global!

“The program has been downloaded in 47 countries so far. After the UK, the most popular destinations are currently Australia, Sweden and Canada.

“It seems people have been finding it useful too. I’ve had some very kind comments from users across Europe, saying it has helped them prepare for their B+E driving test. Comments like that make the whole project worthwhile.”

If you find tapping into your competitive spirit helps to motivate you to learn, then there’s even a leaderboard feature on the app, where you can pit yourself against other drivers.

While reversing is the main focus of the app, it encompasses several aspects of driving a caravan and Mr Bedigan intends to adapt it further to add more features.





Photo credit: Pexels/Kampus Production