Caravan freeconomist vows to live rest of life cash free

Mark Boyle has written a book about his experiences called The Moneyless Man

A year and a half ago, an Irishman surrendered his worldly possessions, forsaking money to live in a caravan near Bath.

Mark Boyle who has a background in economics was running an organic food company before he embarked on the social experiment, which was only meant to last for one year. Spurning any form of cash, he pledged to live off the land and barter for what he needed.

The 30 year old admitted to the BBC, it did take time to adjust to the new way of life, but went on to explain: “After the first two months, once I had established routines and actually got to really build relationships with people and the local environment, it actually just became second nature”.

“I’ve had some of the best fun in my life over the last 19 months” he added.

Using a solar powered laptop, he has written a book about his experiences called The Moneyless Man, and has set up an online community to promote his ‘freeconomy’ philosophy.

A subscriber of Muhatma Ganhdi’s mantra ‘you must be the change you want to see in the world’, Mr Boyle is now determined live the rest of his life without money. He has set up a charitable trust and is using any contributions to spread the word, advising others how to save cash, learn new skills and reduce their carbon footprint.