Caravan Club believes MPs should love caravans

The Caravan Club have found a new way of charting the success of Caravan Club sites across the UK

By Holly Tribe

The Caravan Club have found a new way of charting the success of Caravan Club sites across the UK.

In a move to highlight the importance of tourism to MPs, the Caravan Club have looked at the UK in terms of its respective constituencies and have assessed the top ten earning areas from revenue brought in by visiting caravanners.

North Norfolk came out top of the list, with a whopping £4.5 million made in it’s 3 Caravan Club sites and 56 Certified Locations (CLs). Local MP Norman Lamb said: “This demonstrates how important caravanning is to the local economy and underlines the enormous significance of tourism in general.”

Westmorland & Lonsdale, Truro & Falmouth, Totnes, The Cotswolds, North Devon, Derbyshire Dales, Dwyfor Merionnyd, Richmond (Yorks) and Thirsk & Malton are the other nine leading constituencies, each with an annual income of £2 million plus.

The Caravan Club recognise that investing in domestic tourism is a vital part of boosting the British economy. Caravan Club Director General, Nick Lomas, wrote to every MP personally to inform them how much Caravan Club members contribute financially to each region by staying on club-badged sites.

Mr Lomas commented: “Caravanning plays a key role in the tourism mix and it’s the most popular ‘paid for’ holiday accommodation choice in the country, making our members true investors in the UK.”

The Caravan Club membership has reached an all-time high and new members are joining up every month. With their ever-increasing numbers the Club have made clear their wish to encourage UK tourism with the hope their current campaign will help to both promote caravanning as a mainstream holiday choice as well as working with local business to promote the UK tourist industry.

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