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CAMC announce 2022 Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide

Once again, the incredibly useful Caravan Design Awards Buyers Guide from the Caravan and Motorhome Club (CAMC) has been published. 

The extensive judging was carried out over two weeks by an independent panel of six experts, including me, Dan Cartwright from CaravanTimes. Personally, I have judged the Caravan Design Awards for the Club for many years and can’t emphasise enough the organisation, diligence and professionalism of these awards and, as always, I’m proud to be involved and included. 

In these awards, we assessed 65 new-to-market caravans across many different capabilities, in all areas from bed sizes to jockey wheels, from security features to entertainment; all of the caravans were scored, assessed and judged. Each caravan was then given a score rating out of five based on the category it entered. 

I will be producing a more in-depth feature next week about the judging, but at time when stocks at dealers are very busy, shows are canceled and people are struggling to get to see a full line up of 2022 caravans, this buyers guide is even more valuable to help you work through which caravan you might be interested in next year. 

Any Small Caravan (750kg – 1,150kg MTPLM)

The lightest caravans on the market which can be towed with a huge range of cars. These caravans make best use of design and space combined with lightweight materials.

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Action 361LT (4.0)
  • Bailey Discovery D4-2 (5.0)
  • Eriba Touring 310 (3.5)
  • Swift Sprite Compact (4.5)
  • Xplore 304 (5.0)

Any Pop Top Caravan over 1,150kg

With lower towing profiles compared to fixed-height caravans, pop-tops are great to tow. They also have their own distinctive style with larger floor platforms and often offer generous payloads.

Entrants (stars)

  • Eriba Touring 420 (4.0)
  • Eriba Touring 530 Ocean Drive (5.0)
  • Eriba Touring 530 Rockabilly (4.5)
  • Eriba Touring 542 (4.5)
  • Eriba Feeling 425 (4.0)
  • Eriba Feeling 442 (4.5)
  • Eriba Feeling 470 (4.5)

Any Two-berth Caravans

Find your perfect two-berth caravan. The models in this class offer both readily-convertible lounges to either double or single beds or fixed two-berth options.

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Altea Aire (3.5)
  • Bailey Unicorn Seville (5.0)
  • Coachman VIP 460 (4.5)
  • Compass Casita 454 (4.0)
  • Elddis Affinity 520 (5.0)
  • Swift Conqueror 480 (4.0)
  • Xplore 422 (4.0)

Up to Four-berth Caravans

If you’re looking for a four-berth caravan, this selection offers the pick of the crop to help you find your perfect home away from home.

Entrants Stars (stars)

  • Adria Alpina Mississippi (3.5)
  • Bailey Unicorn Cabrera (5.0)
  • Buccaneer Cruiser (5.0)
  • Coachman VIP 540 Xtra (4.5)
  • Compass Camino 650 (4.0)
  • Elddis Crusader Borealis (4.0)
  • Swift Conqueror 560 (3.5)
  • Xplore 554 (3.5)

Up to Six-berth Caravans 

Looking for a six-berth caravan? Here’s what you need to see. This class offers a great selection of six-berth models including vehicles with drop down bunks and easily-convertible dinettes.

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Altea Avon (4.0)
  • Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Ancona (5.0)
  • Buccaneer Aruba (4.5)
  • Coachman Acadia 660 Xtra (4.5)
  • Compass Casita 585 (5.0)
  • Elddis Avante 585 (5.0)
  • Swift Sprite Major 6 TD (4.0)
  • Xplore 585 (4.5)

Family Caravans   

Find your perfect family caravan. A selection of four berth caravans, entrants in this class have a maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM) of at least 1400kg. They also have payloads to accommodate all the items you will need for a family holiday.

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Adora Seine (3.5)
  • Bailey Unicorn Madrid (5.0)
  • Buccaneer Commodore (4.0)
  • Coachman Laser 575 Xtra (4.5)
  • Compass Capiro 574 (4.5)
  • Elddis Affinity 574 (4.5)
  • Swift Basecamp 4 (3.5)

Large Family Caravans

Caravans in this class offer five or six berths to cater for larger touring groups. These caravans have a maximum technically permissible laden mass (MTPLM) of at least 1500kg, to help with the holiday paraphernalia packing!

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Adora Sava (3.5)
  • Bailey Pegasus Grande SE Turin (5.0)
  • Buccaneer Aruba (4.0)
  • Coachman Acadia 630 Xtra (4.5)
  • Compass Casita 868 (5.0)
  • Elddis Avante 840 (4.5)
  • Swift Sprite Super Quattro DB (3.5)

Any Caravan 8ft or more wide

If you’re looking for a large caravan with plenty of room then this is the class for you. These stylish and spacious caravans will provide the perfect base for your touring adventures.   

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Adora Isonzo (4.0)
  • Bailey Alicanto Grande Porto (4.5)
  • Buccaneer Barracuda (4.0)
  • Coachman Lusso II (4.5)
  • Compass Casita 840 (5.0)
  • Elddis Avante 860 (4.5)
  • Eriba Touring 820 (3.0)
  • Swift Challenger X860 (3.5)

Any Caravan with Dedicated Bed(s)

Whether you’re looking for a caravan with a fixed island bed, fixed bunks or fixed twin beds, these caravans offer a wide range of different layouts and interior designs.

Entrants (stars)

  • Adria Alpina Colorado (3.5)
  • Bailey Unicorn Pamplona (5.0)
  • Buccaneer Bermuda (4.0)
  • Coachman Lusso I (4.5)
  • Compass Camino 550 (4.5)
  • Elddis Avante 868 (5.0)
  • Swift Elegance 835 (4.5)
  • Xplore 554 (3.5)