Britain offers ‘variety of holidays’

It's easy to forget that world heritage sites such as Stonehenge in Wiltshire are on our doorstep...

Brits who cannot afford to go abroad next year need not miss out on a holiday as the UK offers a variety of breaks, it has been suggested.

According to British Resorts & Destinations Association director Peter Hampson, the country has a range of choices within a short distance.

Commenting on Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures which show that the number of Brits heading to foreign lands fell by 14 per cent in the year to September, Mr Hampson said that people do not have to go abroad to have a good holiday.

“The great thing about the UK is that it is infinitely variable and it’s a relatively small country,” he said. “There is a huge variation and generally not more than three or four hours away.”

Around 60.8 million overseas destination visits have been recorded by Brits so far this year compared to 70.4 million in 2008, according to the ONS data.

It also showed that UK residents’ visits to the US decreased by 20 per cent, while trips to Europe fell by 14 per cent.