Bailey releases its first Ford-based motorhome

Bailey bring something new to the motorhome world with the Adamo range

By William Coleman

Bailey of Bristol just unveiled its latest motorhome for the 2021 season, but there have been quite a few changes to this leisure vehicle, which makes it the first of its kind.

The new Adamo motorhomes are very different from anything that has come before. Automatic? Ford-based? Is this really a Bailey model?

The simple answer to that question is yes. This innovative new motorhome is a fresh new look at what cutting edge features can be put inside a coach-built touring home.

You have three different layouts to choose from this year in the versatile Adamo range, all of which are under seven and a half metres with an MPTLM of 3,500 kgs and under. The lower weights make these vans suitable for anyone holding a full UK driving licence, without the need for a B + E entitlement.

Each model has been built upon a Ford transit chassis and has, as a minimum spec, a 2.0 160bhp engine complete with an automatic gearbox.

Models feature a brand-new design that includes convertible ‘flexi-lounges’, electrically operated drop-down beds, and ample garage storage space.

A fully specified Truma Combi programmable heating system combined with market-leading insulation, courtesy of the Alu-Tech body shell, makes the new Adamo a motorhome for all seasons.

The Adamo provides customers with more motorhome for their money with a list of standard-fit features normally only available as optional extras in comparable competitor products.

Models from the new range will start arriving on retailer forecourts as of the end of September, so you should be able to see them now.

The CaravanTimes team had a chance to spend some time in these vans well before they were announced, and it is safe to say that Bailey may just have a success on their hands!

Adamo 69-4

The 69-4 is a four-berth model that comes with either two or four travel seats. The two additional seats are located on the bench directly behind the driver’s cab.

This model features a parallel front lounge with a double drop-down bed above, central kitchen, rear bathroom, and end garage.

The overall length of the 69-4 comes in at 6.987m/22’11”. So it is not the biggest van out there, but you do get a good amount of space, especially with the large rear garage.

This model is perfect for the adventure weekend, or a quiet couple’s getaway. The drop-down bed also makes setting up for the evening the press of a button away.

To drive off the dealer forecourt with this model, you are looking at around £57,999.

Adamo 75.4I

Here is another four-berth model with the same seated belt number at the 69-4, but in the 75.4I you will find a big difference to the bedroom area.

Again, we see a front lounge combined with the central washroom and kitchen with a rear garage. Beyond the middle of the van, you will find a large rear bedroom with a double island bed. A door will separate you from the rest of the van for privacy, so of an evening you can cut the bedroom off from the rest of the van.

Another great feature of this model is the second double bed, yes a second pre-made double bed. At the front of the motorhome hovering above the lounge is a double drop-down bed. Putting the kids to bed has never been so easy.

This is a larger model with a body length of 7.485m/24’7″ and a height of 2.849m/9’4″. The price tag for this larger model will set you back around £58,999.

Adamo 75-4DL

The third and final model, and top of the range, also has four belted seats with a four-berth capacity. It is the same height and length as the 75.4I.

One main difference starts to appear as you head toward the rear of the motorhome into the daytime living area. Here you are presented with a U-shaped lounge that can be transformed into a double bed for the evening.

Bailey has added a central washroom and bathroom that you can cut off the rear end of the motorhome with a door that provides more privacy for both sleeping areas.

For a full breakdown and product specifications, you can view the Adamo range in all its glory,Click here