AL-KO helps prevent caravan snaking with ATC Trailer Control

The AL-KO ATC Trailer Control helps keep caravans on the road

Caravan enthusiasts may recognise the difficulties often experienced when towing their beloved motorhomes to their favourite destinations.

Fortunately, firms like AL-KO exist to make life a little easier, by creating products like ATC Trailer Control.

The anti-snaking control system helps ensure the driver has power over the touring caravan at all times and is a direct response to proposals to limit who can tow a mobile home in Europe.

AL-KO explained that it identified snaking as a rare, but publicly damaging occurrence for the caravan industry and set out to address the issue.

The ATC Trailer Control system works by detecting when difficult driving conditions are experienced and prevents snaking by temporarily taking control of the mobile home’s brakes.

Examples of these situations include having to take evasive action, dealing with high winds and overtaking larger vehicles.

Another product on offer from AL-KO is the secure wheel lock, which helps protect mobile homes from theft.

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