68% of campervan staycationers planning another trip

A vanlifer in her campervan

It’s safe to say that 2021 has been an unprecedented year in terms of people trying caravan and campervan holidays, mainly due to the restrictions associated with the pandemic.

Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see how many of those who have embraced the lifestyle will continue to enjoy leisure vehicle staycations.

This is a question tackled by Sterling Insurance, which carried out research into the changing habits and opinions of caravan, campervan and motorhome holidaymakers in the UK.

It discovered that 68 per cent of those who have enjoyed this type of trip since March 2020 intend to take another in the next 12 months.

Further to this, 37 per cent of respondents were keen to buy a caravan or motorhome after having positive experiences this summer.

Taking the love of all things touring one step further, one in ten Brits are now tempted to embrace vanlife and live in a caravan or motorhome full time.

Emma Orlando has been living and working on the road throughout the Covid-19 emergency.

She said: “When the pandemic hit and I couldn’t travel overseas anymore, I decided to explore the UK whilst running my own business.

“So far, it’s been an absolute dream parking in some beautiful spots – wild camping in Scotland was incredible, and I got to wake up in the most beautiful places.”

For those really serious about making the switch, Sterling Insurance has a vanlife offering that can be adapted to the specific needs of individuals living out of their leisure vehicle.

Peter Cook, floor manager at Sterling Insurance, said: “It’s great to find that so many Brits have loved their campervan and motorhome experiences, and we expect to see interest continue to grow into 2022.

“We think it’s exciting that many are keen to take to the road more permanently and brave the vanlife.”