40% of Brits are planning to staycation this year

The TentBox Classic ready to use

A whopping 40 per cent of the British population are planning on taking a holiday in the UK this year, according to TentBox.

The roof tent company says that equates to 26.7 million people all taking advantage of beautiful destinations in the UK, as travel abroad remains uncertain.

Of that number, more than half are planning to go camping, which is seen as an affordable and environmentally-friendly way to enjoy a staycation.

Ollie Shurville, co-founder of TentBox, said: “The research findings confirm our predictions that this summer is going to be a bumper year for UK-based camping trips, and gives us tangible data on the sheer scale of the staycation boom.

“Camping with a TentBox on the roof of your car is a smarter and more comfortable way to sleep outdoors, whilst also increasing the sense of fun and freedom camping can offer.”

Roof tents represent a good compromise between traditional camping and enjoying a motorhome break.

They can be installed on the roof bars of any vehicle and allow campers to sleep on a built-in memory foam mattress away from the ground.

Within 30 seconds of getting parked in a pitch, you can turn your car into a basic campervan set-up using a TentBox.

They’re waterproof and midge-proof, which are both vital for trips during the UK summertime, and the company claims they can withstand winds of up to 35 miles per hour.

If you’re wondering how to climb down from your TentBox, perhaps in the middle of the night when nature calls, there’s an in-built ladder.

TentBox is experiencing high demand for its roof tents due to the increased popularity of camping, but is accepting pre-orders on new stock due to arrive in July.