2 in 5 Brits are nostalgic for caravan holidays

Old school campervan by the sea

Some 39 per cent of Brits said staying in a caravan was their fondest childhood holiday memory when they were asked for a new survey.

Interestingly, the demographic that ranked caravan trips the highest in the Park Leisure research was generation Z, who are aged between 18 and 24.

This put staying in a caravan in the number five spot, with various seaside pastimes dominating the top of the list.

In first position was eating fish and chips at the beach, which is a quintessentially British activity and something many staycationers will be enjoying this summer.

It was followed by paddling in the sea, going for a walk and playing at the amusement arcades, taking up the third, fourth and fifth spots.

Childhood holidays are not just for relaxing at the beach, however, as 15 per cent of Mancunians said they’d learnt to ride a bike on a UK break as a kid.

Meanwhile, 19 per cent of people in Cardiff recalled being taught how to fly a kite during their time away.

Lisa Williams, director of marketing and holiday sales at Park Leisure, said: “Many of us look back on childhood holidays with great affection, and it’s been lovely reflecting on all these happy memories.

“It was great to see that every generation had similar favourites, which shows that traditional holiday activities, like rock pooling, walking and picnics, are still going strong!

“Many people will have explored new corners of the UK over the last year or so, and hopefully families will now continue to holiday on our own shores, so the next generations can enjoy similar memories in the future.”

Every family has their own special memories from caravan holidays and many of them are the result of things not going to plan.

Returning to the same caravan parks year after year also helps to cement these memories in young people’s minds.

No doubt summer 2021’s year of staycations will kickstart many new traditions.


Photo credit: Pexels/Matthew DeVries