What would you include on a touring road trip playlist?

View of a driver in a camper van

Picture the scene; it’s you and your loved ones in your towcar or campervan with the open road ahead of you and a summer touring trip underway.

So, what have you got on shuffle? The tunes we listen to on holiday help form the basis of many happy memories and are remembered for years to come.

Music streaming giant Spotify has a whole category of tracks selected for their cruiseability and organised by genre, decade, time of day, movie soundtrack and even how well you can scream them in your leisure vehicle.

The staycation experts at Pure Leisure have combed through Spotify’s road trip playlists to identify the most popular options for your next road trip.

A spokesperson for the holiday company said: “There we have it – a hand-picked selection of road trip-ready anthems from some of Spotify’s most-liked playlists.

“Now you’ve got some inspiration, it’s time to add your favourites to the mix. If you

need some more help, you can always add collaborators to your playlist so your passengers can join in with the fun.”

Songs to Sing in the Car

With 10.8 million likes on Spotify, the Songs to Sing in the Car playlist is made up of 100 tunes, featuring the likes of Natasha Bedingfield and The Eurythmics.

What makes this selection so appealing is the number of tracks everyone will be able to sing along to, including Tracy Chapman’s iconic Fast Car.

Running for five and a half hours, there’s a good chance you’ll have arrived at your first campsite before you get through the entire playlist.

Classic Road Trip Songs

Classic Road Trip Songs does what it says on the tin and some 6.1 million people have given it a like on the music streaming app.

For six and a half hours, you’ll be served up tracks from the ‘60s up to the ‘90s and everywhere in between.

With David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac and The Human League, there’s a good chance you’ve played these tunes to your kids on road trips before, or you’ve heard your parents singing along to them on family holidays.

My Life is a Movie

No, My Life is a Movie isn’t a collection of show tunes but songs that give those who hear them the main character energy in an epic way.

This playlist has a more modern vibe to it than some of the others, but 1.9 million fans have still given it their seal of approval.

Expect to hear the likes of Modest Mouse, M83 and Chappell Roan coming out of your towcar or campervan’s speakers.


Photo credit: Unsplash/Will Truettner