What To Get Excited About At The NEC Next Week

What to see next week at the NEC

By William Coleman

In 3 short days we will be heading up to Birmingham to get a head start on all the attractions and displays at this year’s Motorhome and Caravan Show at the Birmingham NEC. With so much to do and see what should you be looking out for?

The October show at the NEC seems to get bigger each with each year that passes and you genuinely do need 2-3 days to really get around and see everything.

This year I am going to try and select a few things specifically to look, almost a little checklist of must see exhibitors and van types.

The New 2020 Line Up

Although myself and the CaravanTimes team attended several of the manufacturer product launches earlier this year we didn’t get a chance to see every aspect of each vehicle so we will take this opportunity to spend a week with them all. There are also many other new products from smaller companies who do not hold launch events that I am dead keen on seeing.

Dealer Specials are something I really want to see more and find out what real differences these ‘special edition’ really have from the more standard models.

I also really want to get a good look at the full Adria line up as well as the new Coachman range. These are two that I did not manage to see this year first hand so I am excited to see for myself what we can expect from these two major manufacturers’ 2020 line up.

Campers And Conversions

This sector seems to be carving its own place within the industry and is seeing a real boost in sales and new plates being registered.

Why are custom builds and the camper making such a big return to popularity, and just how many are actually leaving dealerships? These are all the questions I am keen to ask the many dealers who display at the NEC.

One major thing I have noticed is just how much the conversion van’s presence has grown. They pretty much have an entire hall dedicated to them which I think will spill over into a second hall this year.

I think that due to how customisable these vans are we are seeing a much younger crowd gravitate toward them and use the van as both leisure and dad to say vehicle.

A watchful eye will kept to see the age range buying them to see if my theory is correct.

Catching Up With Folk

The NEC is a bit like a family gathering, it only happens once or twice a year and everyone manages to get under one roof for a good old chit chat and a few cups of tea.

It is always a pleasure seeing Lee Davey, Martin Dorey, Andrew Ditton, the CAMC teams and the Here We Go team, to name but a few.

Accessories Central

I do love a gadget or snazzy accessory that I can pack in the van and use to entertain myself. There are so many different stands to browse and fill your basket. I have to literally get pulled away from the Prima and Kampa stand because I just want it all.

I may also treat myself to a brand new Cadac this year. I just need to convince the wallet master that we do genuinely need one.