Tyre Runner answers all your caravan and motorhome tyre questions

Man inspecting a tyre

A tyre comparison site has published a guide to help answer any questions caravan and motorhome enthusiasts have about tyres for their leisure vehicle. Tyre Runner covers everything from the differences to car tyres through to how long they should last.

It could prove to be a useful resource for anyone new to the lifestyle or those looking to purchase second-hand tyres with confidence. There’s also advice on maintenance after buying tyres too.

Bryan MacMillan, founder of Tyre Runner, told CaravanTimes: “We’ve seen a noticeable increase in 2021 in the amount of caravan and motorhome owners getting in touch with Tyre Runner looking for advice on the best tyres to purchase for their home away from home – car tyres, van tyres, commercial tyres, there are far too many options and many a misunderstanding of the differences between them!

“Despite not being used that often, or for very many miles in their lifetime, caravan and motorhome tyres are actually more susceptible to premature weather ageing than perhaps the average vehicle.”

He went on to explain that this is usually caused by motorhomes being stationary in all weathers, which is particularly likely to have occurred with the country having been in lockdown. This can result in tyre flat spots, cracking and bulges on the side walls, which increases the chances of having a blowout.

Mr MacMillian said: “That’s why Tyre Runner recommends replacing caravan tyres every five years no matter how many miles they have done. In the case of a caravan, when not in use, Tyre Runner recommends having tyres professionally removed and stored to prolong life – there is also a little upside for security as well.

“We also advise potential new owners to check the DOT date code on the side of the tyres of any second-hand motorhome they are considering for purchase. And of course, always check your tyre pressures before setting off on a trip – it will save a fortune on fuel and make sure the tyre offers optimal grip on the road.”

Tyre Runner’s ultimate guide to caravan and motorhome tyres offers more top tips like these to ensure leisure vehicle owners enjoy their trips away safely. It also talks readers through the various things to consider when trying to get the most out of their tyres.

It comes as Tyre Runner launches a new comparison tool to let owners find the best deals from retailers, wholesalers and tyre manufacturers. Being impartial allows novices to obtain the independent advice they need to make an informed purchase.

Users can search for tyres near them and by size or enter their caravan or motorhome registration number to find out what they require. The best deals from big names and small independent companies will then be presented to them in an easy to compare format.




Photo credit: Unsplash/Enis Yavuz