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Top tips for making great pizzas on your caravan holiday

An Ooni pizza oven in action

Heading off on an adventure in your caravan or motorhome doesn’t mean you can’t eat well and there’s a vast number of cooking gadgets available to suit the lifestyle.

Among them are pizza ovens and this National Pizza Day (February 9th), we’ve got a selection of tips from Ooni Pizza Ovens about making the best meals on the road.

Kristian Tapaninaho, co-founder and co-CEO of Ooni Pizza Ovens, said: “At Ooni, we’re all about making pizza. As well as pizza ovens, we have all the tools and high-quality groceries you need to make incredible, flame-cooked pizza wherever you are.

“A common query when people start on their pizza-making journey is how to successfully get pizza dough off the peel and into the Ooni Pizza Oven. Practice really does make perfect but there are also some tips and tricks you can tap into, to help you make delicious pizzas, every time.”

Always use OO flour

Using the finely ground OO style of flour will make your dough easy to work with and produce a delicious flavour and texture in the end result.

Don’t make your dough too wet

Adding too much liquid to your dough can make it difficult to handle and can mean it sticks to the peel when you’re trying to put your pizza in the oven.

Stretch at room temperature

If you’ve made your dough in advance and left it in your van’s fridge, be sure to bring it back up to room temperature before stretching it into a pizza shape.

Use two peels

Utilising one peel for prepping your pizza and putting it in the oven and another for retrieving it will mean your dough doesn’t get warm before being cooked.

Flour everything

Put plenty of flour on your hands, your caravan worktop and the peel to ensure your dough doesn’t get stuck.

Check for holes

Make sure there are no holes in your dough where the sauce or toppings could escape and cause your pizza to stick to the peel or the oven.


This is the process of giving your pizza base a little shake while on the peel before the sauce is added and ensures it can move freely.

Go easy on the toppings

It’s tempting to heap toppings onto your pizza, but this will make it difficult to manoeuvre in and out of the oven, as well as your mouth, with an increased chance of them falling off.

Move quickly

Once your pizza is ready you’ll want to get it into the oven quickly to cut down on the chances of sticking and get dinner served up promptly.

Lift the dough as it slides

Lifting one edge of the dough as you slide it into the oven will help you achieve an easy glide. This motion can be practised over time.

Ooni specialises in high-temperature outdoor pizza ovens, which are perfect for caravan trips, after launching the world’s first portable wood-pellet fired pizza oven in 2012.

The pizzas cook really quickly, meaning you can feed the whole of your camping group in no time, after a day of exploring.