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The best 2-berth motorhomes for couples

A two-berth motorhome parked up

What could be more romantic than hitting the open road in a motorhome with your other half?! It’s a great way to explore and spend some quality time together.

Since your leisure vehicle is going to be both your accommodation and your transport, it’s important to think carefully about the features that will work best for you.

With this in mind, Shane Malpass, director at We Buy Any Motorcaravan, has rounded up the two-berth motorhomes he thinks are best for couples seeking adventure.

He said: “Everyone should be able to enjoy a motorhome and especially with a partner, family member or friend. And there’s an old saying: two is company, three is a crowd.

“There are a few motorhomes for couples on the market available right now, from brand new to still great second-hand models. Here is my list of the best small motorhomes for couples that have a little something for everyone.”

Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK

A traditional style two-berth, the Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK is low profile and the benches in the lounge area can be converted into a double bed.

EK stands for end kitchen, which is where you’ll find an oven, four-burner hob, grill and fridge, with a microwave located at the rear above a workspace.

What really makes the Auto Sleeper Nuevo stand out, according to Mr Malpass, is the washroom at the back complete with a shower.

  • Price when purchased new: around £60,000
  • Second-hand price: under £30,000
  • Mass in Running Order: 2874kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3500kg
  • Shipping length: 5.5 metres

Autotrail Tracker EKS

Not dissimilar in terms of layout to the Auto Sleeper Nuevo EK, the Autotrail Tracker EKS has the same type of sleeping arrangements, as well as kitchen and washroom layout.

What this model boasts, however, is more space, as it’s much roomier at 6.5 metres than most other two-berth motorhomes with the same configuration.

Mr Malpass’ top tip for grabbing a bargain is to source an Autotrail Tracker EKS from 2014, as it’ll come in at less than £35,000 and still be a great motorhome, just a bit older.

  • Price when purchased new: under £60,000
  • Second-hand price: under £35,000
  • Mass in Running Order: 2950kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3500 kg
  • Shipping length: 6.5 metres

Auto-Sleeper Kingham

For a more relaxing and romantic escape opt for a motorhome with a French bed, meaning you don’t need to set it up every night.

This feature alone puts the Auto-Sleeper Kingham high up the list of Mr Malpass’ favourite two-berths, and it can be found at the rear of the motorhome.

Seating consists of a long bench in the lounge area and the two cab seats swivelled round. A fitted kitchen and washroom including a shower complete its features.

  • Price when purchased new: around £68,000
  • Second-hand price: around £40,000
  • Mass in Running Order: 3102kg
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 3500 kg
  • Shipping length: 6.4 metres

Carthago Liner for Two I53

If you’re prepared to blow the budget then the Carthago Liner for Two I53 has exceptional build quality and a host of mod cons.

That means an electric drop-down bed just above the cab, a waterfall shower and a button you can push to extend the lounge!

Integrated storage space throughout means you can keep everything tucked away, including your car in the large garage at the rear.

  • Price when purchased new: around £122,000 (minus any extras)
  • Second-hand price: about £105,000
  • Maximum Authorised Mass: 6,700kg
  • Shipping length: 7.8 metres