Should you book your 2021 caravan holiday now?

Do you need to rush to get a holiday booked this year?

By Emma Dodd

We’re currently experiencing a global pandemic and all forms of travel are restricted, but should you book a caravan holiday for later in the year right now? This is a complex question and one that must take a wide range of factors into account, including your rights, your need to look forward and expected demand for staycations.

Something to look forward to

This may seem like a trivial consideration, but having something to look forward to is very important. Even if you end up having to push your holiday back due to ongoing restrictions, having a break scheduled into the diary will help keep the spirits up for many of us and encourage us to get through tough times.

Increased demand

Demand for staycations boomed in 2020 as international travel moved outside of the realms of possibility for most people. When restrictions were lifted, caravan parks found they were filled to capacity quickly and urged potential guests not to travel without a reservation. Experts in the industry are anticipating a similar situation in 2021 and are therefore advising holidaymakers to make their reservations sooner rather than later.

Amended cancellation policies

Caravan holiday providers are well aware of the concerns of their customers as well as potential restrictions that can disrupt a trip at short notice. The majority of park owners have therefore reviewed their cancellation policies to reflect the current situation, offering peace of mind for anyone looking to book at the present time. Carefully check these policies before committing to anything, so that you’re not left out of pocket if your holiday can’t go ahead.

Coronavirus’ impact on the industry

Do not underestimate what your show of support can do for an industry that is struggling in such uncertain times. Paying a small deposit towards a future holiday can help to keep businesses going at a time when they can’t welcome guests. If you’re in a position to demonstrate such support, it could help to keep more parks going in the long run.

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