Saving energy and cash with your caravan

Solar power is just one of the many ways you can save money on your touring energy costs

By William Coleman

Last week was Big Energy Saving Week 2021 (18th-22nd of January), and experts from different sectors have been sharing their top tips on how caravanners can save cash on their energy bills.

If there’s one thing to be said about the touring community, it’s that we are a mindful bunch who care about the environment and the areas we choose to travel to.

Saving energy is about more than just keeping the bank balance healthy, it’s also about conservation and keeping our planet healthy for future generations.

As conscious caravanners, you may want to invest in some new additions to the van that can help save you money and the planet at the same time.

These small changes, suggested by UKCaravans4Hire.com, could see you saving a few hundred pounds a year in energy costs.

Solar Power

Solar power is one of the best, and most popular, sources of renewable energy for homes across the globe. Why not add this method to your caravan?

In today’s world, there are downscaled solar panels that can be added to the van without adding too much extra weight – something we should all be mindful of when adding aftermarket fittings.

There are even certain leisure vehicle manufacturers that add solar panels to vans during production, so this is an accessible option – and one that the leisure industry is already very much onboard with.

Portable solar panels specifically designed for caravans usually generate around 60 W, 80 W or 120 W, depending on their size. If you are interested in adding solar power or buying a new van with it already equipped, speak to your local dealership – they should also have access to aftermarket panels.

Water saving gadgets

Wasted water is one thing that can happen easily – most of the time it goes unnoticed when touring. By installing water-saving devices, you can go about your business without having to pay too much attention to your water consumption.

Adding water-saving measures means you can reduce wastewater and disposal fees. Low-flow water devices can be attached to taps and showerheads to reduce the amount used. Shower timers can also be installed directly into shower pipes, if compatible with your current setup.

Making these changes to your leisure vehicles or homes can also allow park-home owners (static parks in particular) become eligible for the government’s £5,000 Green Homes Grant voucher to pay for the installation of energy-saving home improvements.

Gareth Irving, director of UKCaravans4Hire.com commented: “Making small changes throughout your property can create big savings on your energy bills. As many caravan owners use their caravans as second homes or purely as holiday properties, they mustn’t forget about the ongoing bills, such as those for energy, and consider how these can be brought down.”