Motorhome Experts gives tourers a chance to explore the Wild West

Ride and travel through scenic locations

by Ruchi Srivastava

If you’ve always wanted a chance to explore the wild landscapes of America, then we may have found something that will quench your appetite for adventure as well as enable you to provide your ever-so valuable motorhome driving services to someone who really needs it.

The motorhome rental service, Motorhome Experts, is offering travellers the chance to traverse the vast expanses of the New World.

This is because the company needs help with transporting its motorhomes to the different places for the approaching holiday season.

As a result, from February to May all the company’s motorhomes are available at one standard rate for one-way trips from Los Angeles or Las Vegas to Denver in the midst of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains.

Interested travellers will have the option to choose from four sturdy motorhomes, which include the familiar C25 to the large AS32. The AS32 also contains extra slide-out storage space that is ideal for families or large travelling groups.

If the prospect of being a motorhome mountaineer does not seem to pique your explorative spirit, then Motorhome Experts has another destination that may suit your wandering spirit better.

Other destinations include the evergreen city of New York and the wild, wind-blown terrain of Chicago, Illinois. You can also get your pick of starting locations for both of these destinations.

So, you have the luxury of starting from the beach-perfect Miami or the rich in history and art city of Orlando in April and May.

Motorhome Experts will be charging the first few travellers a bargain deal of only £22 a day, for the privilege of seeing the world and enjoying themselves in a shiney new motorhome.

These special offers currently apply to the one-way, minimum ten-day rentals in March, April and May from Chicago to locations spanning across North America.

Also, in addition to the bargain deal, Motorhome Experts provides you with a generous amount of mileage, allowing you to take plenty of interesting and scenic detours.

And of course, you are equipped with all kitchen facilities for rustling up a tasty treat.

The one thing that we would advise you to keep in mind is the large size of these motorhomes, which can sometimes make it difficult to manoeuvre.

In an otherwise ideal adventure, previous experienced travellers of Motorhome Experts have flagged this issue up.

Apart from that, we think you should have everything that you will need before you step out into the great outdoors.