Items to ditch on your next ski trip

Motorhome with snowy mountains towering behind

If you’re planning an end of season ski trip with your caravan or motorhome, it can be tempting to load your leisure vehicle up with everything you might need for every eventuality.

While it’s important to be prepared, it’s also a good idea to pack smartly and only take the items you’re actually going to need.

With this in mind, the team at Ski Vertigo has put together a list of things people regularly pack that aren’t required.

Follow their advice and maintain space to move and live comfortably in your caravan or motorhome between spells hitting the piste.

Alex Dyer, business development officer at Ski Vertigo, said: “Planning and packing light are crucial for a smooth and enjoyable ski experience. Leaving unnecessary items at home allows you to focus on creating lasting memories on the slopes, not wrestling with bulky luggage.”

Cotton clothing

A lot of technology has gone into developing ski clothing over the years, ensuring it performs at its best for you on the mountain.

Much of it is made from synthetic materials with the ability to wick moisture away from the skin, keeping you warm and not drenched in sweat after an exhilarating black run.

Cotton clothing does not have these properties, soaking up sweat instead of moving it away from your body, meaning you could easily get cold the moment you stop skiing.

Leave your cotton items at home, as they’ll just take up space in your cupboards and be strung up around your motorhome for days, as they take a long time to dry.

Full-size camera

It’s understandable to want to capture the excitement of your trip, but bringing a large camera will just get in the way of your fun.

Lots of the action can now be caught on mobile phone cameras, but if you’re looking for more functionality, consider a sports camera.

They’re lightweight, waterproof and compatible with a range of accessories that mean you can keep your hands free on the slopes.

Too many pairs of shoes

You’re in a leisure vehicle, so you can throw in as many pairs of shoes as you like, right?! Well, you can, but that doesn’t mean you should.

Sturdy waterproof shoes or boots for navigating snowy pathways are essential and something comfortable to wear indoors, perhaps even slippers, are required but not much else.

Even when you head out for a spot of apres ski, you’re not going to need anything too fancy, as you’ll have to get to the venue and everyone at the resort will also be there to ski, putting practicality first.


Most jewellery is incompatible with skiing as it can get in the way or even cause injuries if it gets caught or trapped in winter clothing.

Only bring the essentials, such as a wedding ring, and leave the rest at home, because otherwise it will spend most of its time in your caravan or motorhome.

An additional pair of earrings to wear in the evenings is enough to mark the transition from day to nighttime without the worry of ensuring their security.


Photo credit: Unsplash/Lars Schneider