Essential checks before heading to Glastonbury

It’s that time of the year again. Glastonbury 2023 is upon us and tens of thousands of music lovers will be flocking to Worthy Farm, Somerset for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Some will have purchased caravan, campervan or motorhome tickets and will be looking forward to a long weekend soaking up the sun and the vibes.

The International Drivers Association (IDA) has offered its best tips to ensure safety for drivers ahead of the hot weather and potential road hazards. Tim Pickford, motoring expert at the IDA, said: “By following these tips, festival-goers can navigate the challenges and make the most out of their Glastonbury adventure. 

“Remember to prioritise safety, respect others, and embrace the magic of the festival!”

For even the most seasoned leisure vehicle owners, it’s important to be reminded of the simple things, as they’re most easily forgotten. So, here are the checks you should be carrying out before heading down to Somerset this weekend.

Tyre pressure

Always monitor the tyre pressure of your car or leisure vehicle. Fluctuating temperatures and rough terrain can adversely affect it, so take care to ensure all of yours are appropriately inflated for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Fluid levels

Before heading to Glastonbury or any road trip, inspect your vehicle’s fluid levels. This includes engine oil, coolant, brake fluid and windshield washer fluid. If needed, top them up to the fill line.


Like many of the best staycations in the UK, Glastonbury is surrounded by nature. It’s not uncommon to encounter wildlife, so take caution when throwing away food or rubbish, or you might end up with a few extra guests. Dispose of your waste appropriately and keep your windows closed when not in use.

When driving, it’s not uncommon to encounter rabbits, deer and pheasants, amongst other animals, crossing the roads. Drive with caution, particularly at dawn and dusk, when wildlife is more active.

Let the hangover subside

The majority of Brits at Glastonbury will undoubtedly be having a tipple… or several. So, if you’ve consumed alcohol the night before you’re planning to drive, remember that your body still needs to metabolise it. Allow yourself plenty of time for this to happen before getting behind the wheel.

Rural roads

The UK is home to picturesque countryside and beautiful scenery. Somerset is no exception, but this does mean there will be some narrow, winding roads along the way. Practise caution and slow down when driving along them, as they often have limited visibility and, in particularly large leisure vehicles, there could be some expert manoeuvring required around bends.


Somerset is prone to seasonal flooding, especially in low-lying areas surrounding rivers, or during periods of heavy rainfall. Of course, the weather has been idyllic of late, but keep informed of the forecast and be aware of the roads that will be prone if the skies do open up throughout the weekend.

Photo credit: Wendy Wei / Pexels