Drive back in time with the vintage cars and caravans from Snail Trail

Constance the caravan is a 1957 Sprite model

by Maeve O’Donnell

We can’t get enough of retro caravans here at CaravanTimes and our latest discovery from the vintage world is a collection of caravans form the 1950s and 60s beautifully refurbished with all the retro trimmings.

The company behind these caravans is Snail Trail, based in Hertfordshire and run by husband and wife team Steven and Lucy Lord. They both have a passion for vintage vehicles and have turned this into a business, renting and selling caravans, campervans and cars to other nostalgic motor lovers.

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Lucy’s particular interest lies in caravans dating back to the 1950s and 60s and she oversees each caravan’s transformation from has-been to sparkling and new.

Constance the caravan

A particularly shining example of this is Constance, a vintage caravan with an impressive CV. This Sprite 14 ‘van dates back to 1957 and since her makeover has featured in My Cool Caravan, written and compiled by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon, and a photo shoot for Pinnies from Heaven, a company that make pretty patterned pinafores from vintage materials.

Constance is 14 feet long with two double beds, a large rounded window and a dose of furnishings to fit its 1950s date of birth. Bunting, cushions and fairy lights complete the look and give that cutesy feel everyone can appreciate.

Being of a certain age, and pretty rare, Constance can no longer be towed off on holiday unfortunately.

Soon to join Constance is Verity the Viking, a 1967 Viking caravan that is currently being restored to her former glory and will be available soon.

Campervan cool

Whilst Lucy is taking care of her retro caravans Steven concentrates on the campervan side of the business. With 25 years experience in car and van sales hire he
certainly knows what he’s doing and checks out each Volkswagen before offering them out.

Affectionately named the snails, hence the name of the company, all of the VW’s for sale are no older than 2004 but have been revamped to look like throwbacks to the campervan heyday, the 1960s and 70s.

Also for rent is a 1984 Mercedes and a vintage looking Beetle, named Beetle Bob. With a Harvest Moon Beige exterior, red leather interior and chrome bumpers, Bob is one good looking car.

Both make the perfect wedding cars but could also be rented if you’re simply looking to take to the road in something a little different and make a great accompaniment to the caravans on offer.

Snail Trail could bring a touch of retro style to your next trip, work studio or photo shoot or add something extra to your next special event with their selection of vintage vehicles.

To find out more or to rent your own vintage ‘van visit their website.

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