CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Bailey Unicorn Cabrera

Bailey Unicorn

By Emma Dodd

Let’s skip back to 2012 for our latest edition of the CaravanTimes Classic Gold series, which is the year the Bailey Unicorn Cabrera hit the market. Our reviewer, known simply as Louise, purchased the model new and hit the road to try it out.

She was impressed with the caravan overall, giving it five stars for everything from equipment and comfort, through quality and reliability to space and practicality. The only area she marked it down to four on was value for money, commenting that at the time that it was “not cheap but gave us what we wanted and needed overall.”

Louise’s first impressions of the interior were that the lighting and decor were both up to a high standard, while the heating did a good job of keeping them warm. She does reference an incident in which the heating was accidentally put into frost mode, but after some consultation with the dealership a better understanding was reached and ‘hubby’ was given a training session on its operation.

One of the elements our reviewer was particularly impressed with was the ability to separate rooms off or open them up again for optimum functionality. She said that was particularly useful when they had guests on board the caravan and for increased privacy between the toilet and shower.

Addressing comments made in other reviews about a lack of space under the sink, Louise said this could be overcome with better planning and packing. She did note, however, that sourcing a porch awning for the Bailey Unicorn Cabrera was tricky due to the direction in which the door opens, but overcame this issue by purchasing a larger than average awning.

Louise summarised: “Loving it – this one will see us through for many years.”

Did you buy a Bailey Unicorn Cabrera in 2012 or the years since? If so, we’d love to hear if your assessment chimes with our reviewer’s. Get in touch to let us know.