Caravanning and the rule of 6

The new rule starts today

By Emma Dodd

The much-hyped rule of six comes into effect across the UK today, but what does it mean for the caravanning community?

In a bid to make things simpler, the government has introduced the new rules, but confusingly, they are being interpreted differently in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Social gatherings, whether they’re indoors or outdoors, are being limited to six people and in England, this includes children.

If you’ve planned a caravan holiday with another family and the total comes to more than six, you’ll no longer be able to enjoy activities or meals all together.

You can wave to each other from adjoining pitches and eat in restaurants at tables next to each other, but should not form one large group.

In Wales, children under 12 are exempt from the total and you’re still allowed socially distanced groups of up to 30 outdoors (except in Caerphilly, which is currently under local lockdown).

This means you could enjoy dinner at the caravan site al fresco, as long as the weather doesn’t let you down.

Scotland’s rule of six limits the number of households coming together, with the six individuals not being allowed to come from more than two homes, but under-12s are again exempt.

Two families, depending on their size and the age of their children, could therefore still have a caravan holiday together in Scotland.

Northern Ireland implemented its own rule of six for indoor meetings last month, but 15 people are still permitted to socialise together outdoors.

This could make caravan holidays between more than one family in Northern Ireland a possibility, although it’s important to be aware of local lockdown restrictions that are in force in Belfast and Ballymena.

Caravan and campervan holidays remain a relatively safe way to enjoy some time away, due to the self-contained nature of leisure vehicles.

Holiday sites have measures in place to ensure the potential for the spread of coronavirus is kept to a minimum, but observing social distancing, wearing a mask when necessary and hand washing all need to be remembered even if you’re having a relaxing break.