Caravan parks could be screened off

A report has found that large screens could be erected around caravan parks

Caravan parks could have large screens erected around them to help cut their visual impact, it has been suggested.

A study into the coastline of north Wales suggested the idea as part of measures to improve the area between Denbighshire and Conwy.

The Turning the Tide report said that tourism along the coastline is generally seasonal and low value.

“It has shown significant decline over the years and although the decline has probably bottomed out, it is still fragile,” it explained.

However, a number of suggestions were made to help reinvigorate the industry in north Wales, including the landscaping and screening of caravan parks to make the area more aesthetically pleasing.

The study asserted that towns such as Rhyl need sprucing up as they are seen as “shabby [and] depressing with little to do”.

It added that changing the perception of the 15 miles of coastline would only be achieved by major action.

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