Caravan cleaning firm Tourershine launch new five-year exterior protection

Tourershine director Paul Asserati tested the new product on the bonnet of his own car

by Marcus Dubois

Specialist caravan restorers Tourershine have launched a new service offering customers the option to fully seal and protect the exterior of the caravan or motorhome – with a new product that could last up to five years.

The “Tourershield” finish uses a unique blend of PTFE (a polymer commonly used in insulating central heating systems) and acrylic resins to achieve its effects. Added to this blend are the latest UV screens to protect the caravan exterior against the effects of sunlight.

The company developed the product after a year of testing and research, and believes it will make future cleaning by the customer an easier task as well as preserve its resale value.

Five-year finish

The service is a two-stage process which begins after the exterior of the caravan is made free of dents and defects. Once this is ensured, the first stage of the product is said to remove any “unseen contaminates” which could affect the process. The second stage involves applying the sealer in small sections to avoid missing any part of the body of the caravan. Because the process takes four hours to cure, the company ask customers to leave their tourer in the workshop to ensure results.

An aftercare pack is included within the price giving customers the correct products to use from the on. And the restorers at Tourershine are confident that if instructions are followed using these products, the caravan should remain in good condition for five years.

“A rock-hard lacquer”

Tourershine director Paul Asserati tested the service using the bonnet of his own car (pictured) before moving onto his caravan. “It leaves a rock-hard, very thin lacquer that the eye can’t see at all” he told Caravan Times this week. “I applied it to my caravan, and I got all the way around it before noticing a tiny detail needed finishing. But when I got my mop out it gripped so tightly to the panel…you could really feel the difference.”

Having started out restoring air-cooled Volkswagen campers before moving onto the detailing side of car bodywork, Paul has spent his working life using products designed to bring out the best in vehicles. “It’s sometimes hard to explain to customers the difference between valeting and detailing. What I can say is I don’t offer any services that clean a caravan, we are a specialist service.”

See the sights of Stamford

Based in Barnack near the picturesque town of Stamford in Lincolnshire, this year Tourershine has offered customers a free 2-night stay at a caravan site in Stamford while their caravan is worked on. This deal will return in March at the price of £350, but for the winter months there is a discounted deal of £240 for the Tourershield service excluding the stay. Customers can drop off their caravan as normal and arrange to collect at a later time.

For more information on the Tourershield caravan service from Tourershine please click here.