Add a spooky element to your caravan getaway this Halloween

Get spooky this Halloween

By Emma Dodd

It’s 2020 and all the usual rules don’t apply, which means there won’t be Halloween discos, apple bobbing and endless hours of trick or treating. You can still enjoy some spooky goings on at haunted destinations while away in your caravan, however. Here are some of the creepiest places to visit in the UK.

Bodmin Moor

The wild and rugged landscape of Bodmin Moor is the perfect place for your imagination to conjure up threatening creatures. There have been around 60 reported sightings of a large, black cat with bright eyes marauding around these parts and a number of dead livestock to back up the claim. So, why not spend some time hiking around the grassland to see if you can find any evidence of the Beast of Bodmin Moor?

Stay at the Ruthern Valley Caravan Park in secluded woodland for an atmospheric getaway.

Corfe Castle

Perched dramatically on the hillside, overlooking the village of Corfe, the ruins of Corfe Castle are said to be haunted by the Woman in White. This spectre is thought to be the soul of an individual who betrayed the Royalist Bankes family to the Roundheads during the Civil War. Other spooky occurrences among the ruins include bright lights being seen in the dead of night and the cries of a child.

Pitch up at Sandford Holiday Park, which is located just 20 minutes away by car.

Felbrigg Hall

There’s nothing quite like a ghost with unfinished business to incite ghoulish speculation and William Windham III is one such phantom. He is thought to return to the library at Norfolk’s Felbrigg Hall to read all the books he never managed to complete in his lifetime. That’s because he died from injuries sustained when trying to save the volumes when a fire broke out at the hall in 1809.

Base yourself at California Cliffs Holiday Park to explore the best of spooky Norfolk.

Dunnottar Castle

With a very bloody past, the ruins of Dunnottar Castle in Scotland are said to be haunted by everyone from a woman clad entirely in tartan to a fearsome Viking raider. As well as being the site of many battles throughout history, the castle was also known to hold many prisoners. At one time, there were no fewer than 180 people kept inside the Whig’s Vault. If you listen carefully you can hear their screams echoing around the walls.

Stay at Stonehaven Queen Elizabeth Park Caravan Site, just two miles away from the castle.


Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most-haunted village in England, Pluckley in Kent is thought to be home to 12 ghosts. There’s the Red Lady, who hangs around the local churchyard with her white dog; a hanging school master; and even a complete horse and carriage that can be heard rattling through the streets late at night.

Park your caravan at the Weald View Site, right in the heart of the village, for the best chance of encountering a ghost.