Consider the environmental impact of your next touring getaway

Road lined with green trees

With summer fast approaching and plenty of opportunities emerging to head out in our caravans and motorhomes as lockdown eases in the months ahead, have you thought about the environmental impact of your next touring getaway?

It’s an issue you may not have considered given the excitement about an impending return to our beloved touring lifestyle, but new research from campervan and motorhome rental company Camptoo shows it’s something that many of us are increasingly taking to heart.

According to Camptoo’s findings, there’s been a 436 per cent increase in search volumes in the UK for the term ‘eco camping’ since 2017, while searches for eco-friendly products have grown by an impressive 2,833 per cent.

Everything from bamboo cutlery to wood-burning stoves are now available online, so to see this surge in demand for eco-friendly, reusable items is something we’re extremely pleased to witness. 

Indeed, you might not consider the carbon that goes into producing things like disposable plates or one-time-use camping equipment, but doing so can help to reduce carbon footprints and protect the environment when planning your next caravan or motorhome break.

Camptoo’s head of wanderlust Ed Bassett commented: “With a vast array of products from composting toilets, recycled and refurbished campervans and growth in the use of portable solar chargers all now readily available at reasonable prices, making a few switches here and there can have a great effect on reducing your carbon footprint.”

He added: “It’s wonderful to see so many people take an interest in the environment and looking for ways in which they can improve how they live and travel and the equipment they take with them.”

Ultimately, environmental awareness is something we all need to consider when enjoying the great outdoors. It’s therefore great to see so many of us embracing a more sustainable way of touring and, by the looks of it, it’s a trend that’s set to go from strength to strength in the years ahead.