A Week At The NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show

Our crazy week at the NEC Show

By William Coleman

The NEC caravan super show happens but twice a year, despite having a slightly different name for each show. Nonetheless myself and the rest of the CaravanTimes team get to spend the entire week there so we can bring you all the news.

For us the fun starts in the wee hours of Monday morning as the team prepare to travel from London to Birmingham. As some of you may know, CaravanTimes actually have an in house video production team and pretty much every single video you see on the site has been produced by us, so we get to the NEC on a Monday to get a head start of what we need to film during the week.

Before the masses flock to the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show we are running around like blue bottomed flies trying to get everything done so we can deliver the best video newsletter possible.

Monday Madness

During the final day of the show set up we run around, doing our best not to get in the way of the workmen, so we can get the footage of the show actually being set up to show you just how much time and energy goes into the show by both the construction team and the exhibitors. It really is the definition of all hands on deck.

Trust me, if you see what the halls of the NEC look like 1 day before the show opens you’d think that the show was weeks from being finished. The work the team put in just before the show opens truly is amazing!

We were able to film the set up thanks to the Caravan and Motorhome Club as they wanted us to film some of their promotional show material.

This also means we get a sneak peek of the show layout and we are able to have a good chat with a lot of people before the doors open and the masses pour in.

Meeting The Exhibitors

When we are not filming or trying to get the latest scoops I do get a chance to actually walk around and enjoy the show as a civilian.

It is nice to be able to walk around and not have to take notes or prep people for filming and just take in the show and have a look at the things that interest me. Can’t help but love walking from stand to stand to see what the newest non stick pan looks like or kind of new power shower there is on the market.

Whilst on my stroll I got to have a catch up with a few of the Bailey Bristanbul team and reminisce about the 21 day adventure and some possible ideas for a next tour, suffice to say my round the world trip in 90 days was shot down.

I also got to have a chat with other industry journalists about how their 2018 was and what they have planned for 2019. Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee in the press room exchanging touring war stories.

What makes this show so great is just how varied all the exhibitors are. Aside from all the non industry related stands, that enjoy having a mooch round, I got to see so many other stands that gave me inspiration to get outdoors more.

The camping area made me just want to jump in the van with a tent and go on an adventure. And if I am being totally honest I had no idea just how much cool kit the camping world offers. Yes there is a lot of crossover with outdoor accessories but once you remove the van from the equation there is another level of experiences just waiting for you.

What Can Be Done In A Week

A week at the show may seem like quite the long stint but if you plan it right you will get to see pretty much everything and everyone without having to rush around.

Each day there were different guest speakers, cooking demos and activities. Each of the major stands and Clubs have their own list of celeb speaks such as Matt Allwright and Rowland Rivron who talk about their caravan experiences and also do a live Q&A.

So if you plan each day well you really can get a good look at all the new vans from all the major dealers and manufacturers.

The only thing I missed, which I am genuinely gutted about, was the presentation with Ollie Ollerton and James Carl Fox from Channel 4’s Who Dares Wins. The 2 former SAS soldiers spoke about getting our doors more and how important it is for future generations to stay active and healthy. Something a caravan holiday providers a wealth of.

Through the 5 days I was at the show I got see pretty much every stand, van and tent there, I was particularly blown away by what Clear Sky Glamping had on display. I first saw their luxury accommodation at the Love2Stay site but finally got a chance to chat with their MD. Exciting things coming this year from the glamping world

So if you are planning on getting to the October show make sure you grab a show guide on the way in and plan ahead. It is very easy to get carried away and lose track of time jumping in and out of all the vans on show.