Eura Mobil introduces Alpine chalet-mobile concept campervan

The chalet mobile's exterior also conforms to the natural design of the interior

by Damien Sharkov
As always the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon delivered on its promise of showcasing some of the most ambitious designs we are likely to see in the touring industry.
CaravanTimes had the pleasure to report on the release of the futuristic Knaus Tabbert Caravisio among others.
Following on in the same vein of lofty designs, German manufacturer Eura Mobil presented its concept motorhome, styled in the fashion of an Alpine mountain lodge.
The straightforwardly named Rolling Mountain Hut boasts several luxury features, never before seen in a mobile leisure home, such as dangling lampshades, fixed to the ceiling.
Technologically the motorhome is based on the company’s latest SB 670 line of vehicles as Eura Mobil attempts to ensure the Rolling Mountain Hut is suitable for everyday use, yet also durable in a wide range of holiday environments.
But make no mistake, this design is definitely geared at those looking to enjoy the more natural, rustic elements of the vehicle, with wild-oak decor from top to bottom, as Eura Mobil channels the cosy comforts of the interior of your standard mountain lodge.
Everything from the to the kitchen countertops is made from a mix of renewable materials, natural wood and slate, while the seating acts as an equally extravagant, albeit softer, counterpoint, being fashioned out of felt.
Of course the bathroom, though retaining the general natural feel of the rest of the motorhome, boasts a ceramic basin and polished chrome faucet.
There are no details on how much the Rolling Mountain Hut would weigh, or cost. It will however make its way across the channel, as it has been confirmed it will make an appearance at the Birmingham NEC from 15 – 20 October as part of the NCC Motorhome and Caravan Show.
We’d advise you to get there early, as this is one motorhome that is likely to draw big crowds of curious punters.