VIDEO: How the Whale Watermaster IC tackles caravan pressure problems

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The Watermaster IC is a new part which solves two caravanning problems

VIDEO: How the Whale Watermaster IC tackles caravan pressure problems

The Watermaster IC is a new part which solves two caravanning problems
The Watermaster IC is a new part which solves two caravanning problems

Thursday, 13, Sep 2012 04:21

by Chris Jefferies

Keeping your water system in good working order is crucial if you want your caravan to live a long and healthy life, and the water pump makers at Whale know that better than most.

Two main problems that often crop up are the unpredictable electrical supply to the water pump, and the danger of the pump burning out when the tank is empty.

With one new part called the Watermaster IC, Whale claims to have solved both of these problems.

In this video, CaravanTimes travels to Northern Ireland to meet the makers of this new part and find out how it can help make your caravanning holidays hassle free.

We also take a look at the company's new 3D printer, a space-age machine that can build prototype parts from scratch in a matter of hours.

UPDATE: The Watermaster IC is now available to buy and comes fitted as standard on all 2013 Elddis Xplore and Avante caravans.

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