Puncture Proofing At The NEC With Puncture Control

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Dont let a puncture stop your holiday

Puncture Proofing At The NEC With Puncture Control

Dont let a puncture stop your holiday
Dont let a puncture stop your holiday

Friday, 21, Feb 2020 01:48

By William Coleman

There is a product out there that will remove so many levels of danger that are presented by getting a tyre puncture. Having seen it being used in Scotland I was keen to find out more, so we interviewed Puncture Control.

Over the years I have had far too many punctures due to the huge amount of debris on the roads of the UK, something I am sure you have experienced yourselves. Every puncture you get can cause huge amounts of damage to both your car and caravan, not to mention how dangerous it can be while driving.

It seems that getting something like a nail in your tyre is an inevitability, but the usual outcome does not have to the same as it once was if you use Oko Puncture Control.

So, what is Puncture Control? To put it simply, it is a sealant that will save you from harm and added expense if your car to caravan tyres get punctured.

This tyre sealant will work against pretty much anything that will pierce your tyre, with some obvious exceptions when it comes to structural damage, and will keep you on the road for longer in the event you run over something sharp. In some cases this sealant will keep a puncture unnoticed because it has sealed the hole so effectively.

There are some out there who will say that putting tyre sealant into the tyre is not a good idea, having seen first hand how this works I can safely say this product works and is safe. Any doubt you may have can be easily cleared up with one call to the team, ask for Gary.

Not only will this save you from running into danger but it will also improve fuel consumption, maintain the correct air pressure, help the tyres run cooler and reduce the tyre side walls from cracking. Oh, and it can help your tyres gain upto 20% extra life, which is great considering how expensive some motorhomes or tow car rubbers can be.

This week during the NEC Gary, from Puncture Control, will be on stand giving demos and explaining just how this product works. Before speaking with him I did not have that much knowledge and was a bit of a skeptic. Following the interview and finding out how many industry leading companies are backing this product I will be adding this to my car's wheels.

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