VIDEO: Smart new layouts in the Bailey Approach Autograph range

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Bailey has made space a key part of each Approach Autograph motorhome.

VIDEO: Smart new layouts in the Bailey Approach Autograph range

Bailey has made space a key part of each Approach Autograph motorhome.
Bailey has made space a key part of each Approach Autograph motorhome.

Friday, 02, Aug 2013 12:28

by Daniel Mackrell

Bailey has introduced five different layouts in its new Approach Autograph range, which provides various options for its customers.

The motorhomes cater to both couples and families with the different layouts, and Bailey has made sure that space is a key part of each motorhome.

In this video, CaravanTimes looks at the differences in the layouts, and why each of them caters to different needs.

The range includes three traditional layouts in the form of the two-berth 625, and the four-berth fixed-bed 740 and 745.

The 750 has a new layout for Bailey, with fixed twin single beds and a storage compartment underneath for equipment that would otherwise be difficult to store.

The six-berth Approach Autograph 765 is also included in the range, and features a side-mounted drop down electric bed which means you can easily sleep six in a low-line motorhome.

CaravanTimes spoke to Rachel May from Bailey about the layouts, and what they offer to buyers.

Watch the video for more information, and a close up look at these new motorhomes.

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