VIDEO: Why fit Tyron bands to your caravan's wheels

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We find out how run-flat safety bands can help in an accident

VIDEO: Why fit Tyron bands to your caravan's wheels

We find out how run-flat safety bands can help in an accident
We find out how run-flat safety bands can help in an accident

Sunday, 06, Oct 2013 11:31

by Daniel Mackrell

Tyre blow-outs can put caravanners in very dangerous situations while towing their caravan, but like most potential towing dangers, there are ways you can make it safer for when you're on the road.

In this video Caravan Times speaks to Neil Greentree, General Manager of Greentrees Adventure store, about fitting Tyron bands and how they can protect you from losing control if a tyre suddenly deflates.

Once the rubber on a tyre is removed from the rim, which can happen if the tyre deflates because of a puncture, then it loses a lot of its grip, which can cause the caravan to swerve and cause accidents.

Run-flat safety bands, such as Tyron, help to ensure that you maintain some grip if your tyre deflates.

In this video you can find out how to fit your caravan with run-flat safety bands, as well as how much they are likely to cost.

Neil Greentree also explains exactly how the safety bands work, and why these precautions can help prevent you from losing control of your caravan.

Thanks to Greentrees Adventurestore and Towergate Insurance for their help with this video.

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