Government to oppose EU plans for caravan MOT

The legislation would apply from 1 January 2018 if the proposal is approved in the final stage.
The legislation would apply from 1 January 2018 if the proposal is approved in the final stage.

Monday, 12, Aug 2013 03:49

by Daniel Mackrell

Plans by the European Union to have MOT tests for caravans are set to be snubbed by the Government as caravanners continue to voice their concerns that it could see a decline in the country's caravan culture.

Caravans weighing over 750kg would have to go for the regular MOT-style tests, meaning only a very limited number of caravans would be excluded from the check-ups.

Both The Caravan Club and The Camping and Caravanning Club have voiced their concerns that this could damage the caravan industry in the UK, with around half a million caravans believed to be currently in use in the country.

The Caravan Club has said that implementing the proposals would be very costly, saying: "The UK Government assessed the cost of a caravan and trailer registration scheme alone as £239m as recently as 2012."

The Caravan Club currently represents around 375,000 families, and it has said that the decision could affect the economy, as it could see a decline in local tourism from caravan users that go on holiday across the country, instead of travelling abroad.

The costs could deter people from owning a caravan, especially considering that they may have to travel long distances to reach a place that offers the MOT service that would cater towards caravans, as special equipment would be required.

Caravanners have been urged to contact their local MEP and encourage them to oppose the plans.

The European Parliament voted in favour of the proposals on 2 July this year, and caravanners have continued to petition and have been asking the UK government to stand against the decision.

The Department for Transport has generally shown strong support for countering the proposed plans, and many British MPs have spoken out against the proposal, and it will still be subject to more stages before a final decision is made.

Jacqueline Foster MEP, a spokesman for Transport and Tourism in the European Parliament, said: "I have spent many months objecting to the inclusion of caravans in this proposed regulation. I believe it to be pointless and it would contribute nothing to improve road safety.

"I believe it is an important part of our leisure and tourism industry which we should be encouraging, not penalising."

The European Parliament will continue to debate the regulations regarding road-worthiness in the Autumn.

The legislation would apply from 1 January 2018 if the proposal is approved in the final stage.

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