CaravanTimes' Christmas gift guide for caravan and motorhome enthusiasts 2015

Check out some of the best gift ideas for caravanners and motorhomes here now
Check out some of the best gift ideas for caravanners and motorhomes here now

Friday, 04, Dec 2015 03:04

by Joe Jeffrey

Scratching your head and trying to figure out the perfect gift to buy your loved one this Christmas? Check out our gift guide here for all the answers

When it comes to choosing the right Christmas present for the avid caravanner or motorhomer in your life, choice can certainly be limited. After all, what do you give to the person who has everything they've ever wanted inside their home on wheels? What more could they possibly need? Well, ponder no more. CaravanTimes has racked its brains and taken to the shops so you don't have to, in order to find the ultimate in Christmas gifts for your loved ones this winter.

So, if you're climbing the walls in despair, trying to figure out what to buy for your loved one, mum, dad, son, daughter, or anyone else in-between this Christmas, read on - we may just have the perfect solution for you.

Alde Smart Control

For those with an Alde central heating/hot water system built into their caravan or motorhome, Alde Smart Control may be just the thing you've been looking for.

Designed for controlling your caravan or motorhome's heating and hot water by using an app on your smartphone which automatically works in line with your leisure vehicle battery, Alde Smart Control enables you to turn your heating on and off, set a desired temperature, check on your battery levels and much, much more from wherever you are in the world. Out on a trek this winter and looking to have a warm shower as soon as you arrive back on site? Looking to walk into a toasty caravan after a Christmas ramble? Simply press a button on your phone and Alde Smart Control will do the rest before you arrive back, so you don't have to.

Secure and economical, installing Alde Smart Control is simple and can be done in just a few simple steps. And the results are certainly impressive - especially if you're looking to make the most of your very own winter wonderland this Christmas.

Alde smart Control is available from LeisureShopDirect and all other good leisure vehicle retailers now, priced around £433

Tecsun PL-880 Portable Worldband Radio

Ideal for staying up-to-date with your favourite radio stations wherever you are, the new pocket-sized Tecsun PL-880 radio covers just about every radio band you will ever need.

Equipped with shortwave reception, the Tecsun PL-880 gives you the option of tuning in to radio stations from the UK to the Ukraine and beyond with ease. It's ideal to use both at home and on the move, for reception of local Medium wave, VHF FM, or shortwave signals, from the far corners of the world. The radio also features Long Wave so you will be able to listen to coverage of Rugby matches from BBC Radio 4 and other major sporting events from Five Live wherever you pitch up.

Coming with an alarm clock and built in charging system using a lithium battery and USB charge lead, the Tecsun uses the latest radio DSP technology, which greatly enhances the sensitivity, selectivity and reduces interference from close by stations. Using a digital display tuner, it's easy to memorise or scan over 3000 stations and to tune with precision. And, weighing in at just over 500g it makes the perfect addition when travelling.

The Tecsun PL-880 Portable Worldband Radio is available from Amazon now, priced at £169.95

Snooper DVR-4HD Vehicle Driver Recorder

In an age where insurance scams are on the rise and where some drivers will do whatever they can to protect their no-claims bonus, the Snooper DVR-4HD proves to be one of the most invaluable items we could possibly place upon our dashboards and on CaravanTimes gift guide for 2015.

Bringing together a 1080p HD video camera and Snooper's award winning speed camera alert system, plus forward collision and lane departure warnings, the Snooper DVR-4HD is a must have automotive accessory.

Possibly the most feature-rich dash cam device in existence, the DVR-4HD includes driver fatigue alerts, lane departure warnings and, for the first time with a Snooper dash cam, you can now instantly share any video footage through your smart-phone with the free Dash Cam Connect app.

It doesn't stop with the above though, and the DVR-4HD also includes built-in GPS technology, continuous loop recording, and impressive 1080p HD recording quality thrown in for good measure, plus loads more to enable you to make your journey stress-free, wherever you're heading.

The Snooper DVR-4HD is available from Snooper Direct now, priced at £149.99

Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV500 DVR Sat Nav and Dash Cam

The name Aguri might not mean much to you, but place one of these in your motorhome or tow vehicle next time you set off and you'll wonder why.

Preloaded with the latest specialist motorhome and caravan routing software, as well as speed trap detection technology, the Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV500 DVR comes with free lifetime map and speed trap updates with no download or subscription fees, including free European mapping.

The specialist routing software team behind the Motorhome & Caravan has been designing and producing accessories for the car, truck, and - you've guessed it - motorhome and caravan industry for over 30 years, meaning this handy sat nav will only create routes that are suitable for your motorhome or caravan, ensuring that you get to your destination smoothly and safely.

Add to this a built-in HD DVR dash cam designed to monitor your every move, enabling you to pin-point the exact location of any accident or event and confirming the exact time and date of the offence for complete security, and you've got yourself a pretty useful piece of kit.

The Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV500 DVR is available from Amazon now, priced at £249.99

Autoglym Perfect Bodywork Wheels and Interiors gift pack

A mainstay on CaravanTimes' Christmas gift guide, and making a triumphant return for the second year running, comes Autoglym's Christmas gift bundles for 2015.

Autoglym have created a collection of five unique gift box sets comprising the finest products, guaranteed to keep your loved-one happy well into the New Year.

Each gift pack has been devised to ensure the highest quality finish across bodywork, wheels and interior.??The gift boxes start from just £16.49 for the Perfect Interior Collection, which features three carefully chosen bottles of Interior Shampoo, Vinyl & Rubber Care and Car Glass Polish to clean, polish and protect your car interior. ??

For those who deserve something extra special this Christmas, the Perfect Bodywork, Wheels and Interiors Collection contains nine products and accessories for £63. This comprehensive set includes the sought-after Super Resin Polish, which leaves a glossy, flawless finish by removing swirls and reviving tired dull paint.?

As an added bonus, all Autoglym products are British made on-site at their factory in Letchworth and, with nearly 50 years' experience, the company's products are used by racing teams, vehicle manufacturers and are royal warranted too, so you know it's good stuff - all at an affordable price.

Autoglym gift sets are available directly from Autoglym now, with prices starting from £16.49


Tablet TV is an innovative way for caravanners and motorhomers to watch live Freeview channels anywhere and anytime without the need for a cable, satellite or internet subscription, so you'll never miss your favourite television shows again - wherever you are.

There are two types of tuners available - a portable tuner and a mains powered one - which pick up television signals and connect them to your tablet in an instant. The portable version, which we tested, means that you can also take Freeview with you wherever you go which is great for those who like hitting the road, all with the added comfort of catching up on your favourite soaps, sporting events and everything else in-between.

As an added bonus, the tuner can also be used in many Europe countries meaning you ca soak it up in the sun whilst never missing the latest cliffhanger, goal or anything else for that matter.

There is also the option to record TV shows to watch later on, as well as full BBC Red Button services, so essentially you're taking everything you need with you in the form of a pocket sized box to ensure happy viewing whenever and wherever you choose.

TabletTV is available from here now, with prices starting from £64.99

Old School Caravan Cooler

Taking inspiration from the original Airstream design that came out of Ohio in the 1930s, this Old School Caravan Cooler has certainly been designed to provide for the caravanner who has everything.

The brainchild of Australian jewellery maker, Aaron Jackson, over 50 cooler designs are available with our favourite obviously being the Airstream. The highly impressive replica even has a wheeled-to bar, side door and rear lights!

A thick lacquered finish offers the Old School Caravan Cooler long-lasting protection year-round, so you can fill it up with your favourite beverages to keep them on ice wherever you are, whilst the handy srewplug underneath at the base will enable you to empty it in next to no time.

The innovative design of the Old School Caravan is, in part, thanks to the build process, which comes courtesy of up-cycled ship drums which have been brought to life by dedicated designers in Vietnam - so it's true to say this is one caravan that is well-travelled and built to last.

The Old School Caravan Cooler is available from The Garden Furniture Centre Ltd, priced at £399

Fjällräven Backpack No. 21

When hitting the road, it's inevitable that we like to take everything but the kitchen sink in order to take our home comforts along with us for the ride. But it doesn't stop there. When pitching up, we like to get out and about and take some of those home comforts with us. Enter the Fjällräven Backpack No. 21.

The classic design of the No. 21 shouldn't be mistaken though, and this is quite possibly the best Backpack we've ever used, thanks in part to the classic design as previously mentioned, as well as water and wind-resistant fabric - made possible owing to the waxed G-1000 65 per cent polyester/35 per cent cotton blend.

Perfect for both men and women, the rugged No. 21 is extremely durable and seems more than able to withstand regular wear and tear. Its top loading design, featuring a snow lock at the top, will ensure everything remains in place, whilst two leather straps on the lid - perhaps paying homage to Fjällräven's designs from the the 1960s and '70s - add a touch of quality, style and sophistication.

Although borrowing from a classic ageless design, modern touches have also been added, including an internal padded laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket, and various compartments to guarantee you and your belongings a safe, comfortable journey.

Shoulder straps also feature leather with a mix of fabric, with padding to ensure a light-feeling journey, even when the load you're carrying isn't.

Comfortable padding is also incorporated into the back panel to ensure you're as comfortable as can be when hiking and discovering what lies ahead on any given adventure.

Available in three different sizes (small, medium or large) and in 12 separate colours, you'd be hard pressed to find anything oozing as much quality and style as the Fjällräven No. 21 and, if you're looking for a durable backpack which is built to last, you'd be hard pressed to find better.

The Fjällräven No. 21 is available direct from Fjällräven, with prices from £95

TyrePal TB99/TyrePal TC215B

Designed for cars and vans, the TB99 from TyrePal is a small dashboard monitor that displays the pressure of four tyres up to 99psi simultaneously and can even be set up to monitor the spare tyre too!

Providing clear, visible and audible alerts for high pressure, low pressure or high temperature, the TB99 continuously displays the pressure of four tyres, whilst your tyres' temperatures can be seen all at the press of a button.

But how does it work? Well, sensors, with an integral anti-theft design, simply screw onto your pre-existing tyre valves in place of your normal dust caps and correspond with the dashboard mounted monitor and that's it. It really is that simple.

It doesn't stop there though and, designed more specifically for caravans and motorhomes, comes the TyrePal TC215B. Similar to the TB99, the TC215B monitors the pressure and temperature of your tyres, but this time around is capable to monitoring up to 22 tyres in succession, providing a clear and audible alert should one of your tyres suffer air loss, low pressure, high pressure or high temperature - ideal for caravans, motorhomes or trailers.

The TyrePal TB99/TyrePal TC215B are available direct from TyrePal, with prices starting from £135

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