Top four weird and wonderful used caravans for sale on eBay

Caravans come in all shapes and sizes
Caravans come in all shapes and sizes

Wednesday, 08, Aug 2012 04:38

by Niki Greig

As you can imagine, here at CaravanTimes, we see a lot of caravans all day, every day, many of which look fairly similar, so we're always rather intrigued to find out more when something unusual catches our eye.

Whilst searching for our Used Caravan of the Week, we have spotted some remarkable caravans online and it got us to thinking what other curious specimens were there out there?

We've rifled through the internet to see what's currently on offer and some rather extraordinary specimens have turned up.

1. Wandering Hedgehog

This lovingly crafted little handmade number (see above) makes the list mostly due to its unusual shape and colour which aren't most people's first thoughts when asked to picture a caravan.

At just 4ft wide, 9ft long and 5ft high, this 'van is not for those looking for plenty of room, but it's got a roof, a lot of storage space and is ideal for someone looking to get out and about to explore without spending too much time in their 'van.

On the plus side, it's easy to store as it's so compact and will fit in most garages, it's also so lightweight it can be towed by a trike or even a quad bike!

Unfortunately if you're a couple this isn't the caravan for you as it sleeps, according to the owner, 'one largish man', and will only really sleep a couple 'at a push'...

2. Kip Kompact 300

This compact little number makes the grade simply due to its unusual outline, we know most 'vans have a slanting front but this angular one seems to somewhat resemble a protractor.

We imagine it's definitely a sit down only affair in the front of the van but it can be towed by some very small cars and would make a wonderful introduction to camping for a young family.

The seller does warn, 'you will turn heads on campsites as it is so unique'. We can't imagine that's a bad thing and are already growing rather fond of its unusual looks.

3. Roma Buccanneer

Now we are all for glitz and glamour but cant imagine touring in a caravan where every surface is a mirror, not only very confusing but a nightmare to clean! On the plus side it would make for a very light interior and has been beautifully restored.

The bright exterior may also put some people off but it would definitely get you noticed when you pitch up.

At over 20' long, it is a big 'van but has masses of storage space and every mod con you can think of, but unfortunately its just a bit too ostentatious and we wouldn't have to want to worry about watermarks whenever we put a cup down.

4. Romini Micro Caravan

Our favourite find is this tiny little number - it's cute and compact and we aren't quite sure if anyone above 5'5" could sleep in it lying down. It would be perfect for Jessica Ennis though.

It also seems to be something of a Tardis according to the catalogue of features listed by the seller. Apparently this little 'van has a built in fridge, double burner cooker with grill, sink and six cupboards of various sizes including a small wardrobe.

It's also a something of a collector's item, and being one of only 200 made it may become something of a classic.

Although lightweight and easy to tow, we just can't help but imagine that it has been cut in half and somewhere there is a lonely piece of caravan that has been left behind...

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