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2011 Sterling Eccles and Elite caravans: pictures, layouts and specs

This is the new look of Sterling caravans for the 2011 model year
This is the new look of Sterling caravans for the 2011 model year

Wednesday, 25, Aug 2010 03:12

by Holly Tribe

Swift Caravans have launched their new Sterling Eccles and Elite models which have undergone a total redesign for the 2011 season. The models will be on show at the Lawns Extravaganza near Hull on the 4th and 5th September and will be arriving at retailer sites later in the year.

The Sterling brand models have a light Oregon pine finish, which is lighter than the Mali Acacia woodgrain offered in the Swift Conqueror and Challenger equivalents. Both come with th cost option of a new 'Impala' stain resistant, easy clean upholstery alternative in a tactile nubuck texture.

All the new models sport a new exterior shape. A glossy GRP front panel curves up to meet the roof rails, and a flat roof ensures 1.95 meters of headroom down the length of the cabin. Thicker sidewalls and a strong bonded roof help with thermal efficiency and a panoramic sunroof make the interior bright and airy.

2011 Sterling Elite

There are five layouts to choose from in the Elite series, ranging from the entry level Elite Diamond to the twin axle four berth Elite Searcher.

These caravans retain their metallic silver side walls in 2011 and also gain a new panoramic, wrap-around sunroof which comes as standard, pictured in the Elite Emerald opposite. The sunroof is accented either side in black for continuity with the front window set.

    Elite Diamond

  • MTPLM 1,470kg
  • 2 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £17,285

    Elite Emerald

  • MTPLM 1,650kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £18,485

    Elite Amber - improved layout for 2011

  • MTPLM 1,855kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £18,675

    Elite Searcher - open plan with dresser/TV unit near door and tower fridge freezer adjoining the kitchen area

  • MTPLM 1,855kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Twin axle
  • Price £20,665

    Elite Explorer - front parallel lounge, tower fridge freezer, transverse 'island' fixed bed and rear washroom

  • MTPLM 1,825kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Twin axle
  • Price £20,865

2011 Sterling Eccles

Eight flexible floorplans make up the 2011 Sterling Eccles range. All models have new granite effect kitchen sinks, and the Topaz and Moonstone models also have them in the end washrooms. Both the twin axle models have on-board 30 litre water tanks. The upholstery is finished with a neutral textured plain chenille fabric with contemporary accent swatches, or the stain resistant Impala comes as a cost option, as pictured in the Eccles Topaz opposite. The panoramic sunroof may also be added as a factory fitted cost option, with prices expected to come in at under £500.

    Eccles Topaz

  • MTPLM 1,420kg
  • 2 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £15,685

    Eccles Moonstone

  • MTPLM 1,615kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £16,785

    Eccles Jewel

  • MTPLM 1,545kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £16,635

    Eccles Ruby

  • MTPLM 1,620kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £16,975

    Eccles Quartz

  • MTPLM 1,620 kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £16,975

    Eccles Amethyst

  • MTPLM 1,825kg
  • 6 Berths
  • Twin axle
  • Price £18,675

    Eccles Coral Improved layout with larger kitchen

  • MTPLM 1,775kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Twin axle
  • Price £18,165

    Eccles Solitaire New layout with front parallel lounge, two fixed single rear beds, and rear washroom.

  • MTPLM 1,605kg
  • 4 Berths
  • Single axle
  • Price £16,975

Comments - What do you think?
  • "So pleased to see single beds in the Solitaire.Double beds are alright for the young but as you get older, it is harder to climb over on the more frequent visits to the bathroom"

    Eleanor Harris (Boston.Lincs) Posted: 26/08/2010 09:32:46

  • "Innovative designs but spoilt by lack of thought on the interior eg: After washing 4 plates and cups and putting them in a rack to drain where does the excess water run off? There are no drainage grooves leading into the sink so you will end up with a constantly damp worktop. Doh!

    Secondly the 'vans with fixed beds are at least 200kg overweight,why is this? Modern production planning should eliminate excess weight and these particular caravans will need a 4x4 or a vehicle with a minumum kerbweight of 2200kg to tow them."

    Colin Tawn (South Yorks.) Posted: 01/09/2010 21:58:52

  • "Disappointed to see that the 1970's design fire is still being installed in the Eccles versions. The Elite has Alde heating but they don't do the Solitaire version in that range."

    John (Hampshire) Posted: 24/09/2010 11:34:18

  • "I love it so much I bought one.answer to comment re drainage.... Use draining board supplied DOH !!"

    Jane smith (Wocestershire) Posted: 28/02/2011 20:57:37

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