Auto-Trail Factory Visit

Get yourself to the Auto-Trail factory tour
Get yourself to the Auto-Trail factory tour

Friday, 29, Nov 2019 03:10

By William Coleman

Get a behind the scenes look at how one of the UK's most popular motorhome brands put their award winning leisure vehicles together.

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a home on wheels? I have, quite a lot. Once I finally got to walk a production line that was churning out leisure vehicles I was shocked at just how "hand made" they are.

One of the things that struck me the most was just how fast and precise the operation was. It just proves what kind of feats human engineering can accomplish.

If you are interested in seeing how we put together motorhomes in the UK Auto-Trail will be opening their doors to the public for a factory tour.

You can see just complex the construction of the Adventure, V-Line and the Tracker, to name but a few, really is.

The tour will give a first hand and unique insight into the extreme care and attention that goes into each vehicle that Auto-Trail roll out.

All tours begin at 10am and lasts for around 90 minutes. The tour costs just £5 which Auto-Trail will be giving to our chosen charity for 2019, the Cleethorpes RLNI.

To book your tour visit Auto-Trail's tour booking page here.

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