Dream Destinations: Lucca

Enjoy the Tuscan delights of Lucca and its breathtaking scenery
Enjoy the Tuscan delights of Lucca and its breathtaking scenery

Friday, 12, Jun 2020 11:56

By Chris Littley

The Dream Destinations series is designed to transport you to the kind of location that isn't achievable during lockdown, but will be the perfect place to take a caravan holiday when restrictions are lifted.

And where could be better to be dreaming of than Tuscany, with its undulating landscape, vineyards and picture perfect stone buildings? Florence and Pisa tend to get a lot of attention, but there's one underrated destination that could make all our post-coronavirus caravan holiday desires come true - Lucca.

The first thing to note about Lucca is the Renaissance walls that surround its historic centre. They are so well preserved that they make a fantastic promenade from which to see many of the city's pretty vistas, whether that be famous churches or quaint cobbled streets.

Nicknamed the city of 100 churches, there are houses of worship that represent each era Lucca has been through, as well as myriad architectural styles. The city's cathedral, Duomo di San Martino, for example, dates back to 1060 and combines Romanesque and Pisan flourishes.

Another prominent landmark in Lucca is the Guinigi Tower, with its distinctive oak trees poking out of the top. These were planted to represent rebirth and renewal, and continue to provide a contrast to the red stone of the tower.

Fuel your sightseeing with soft, hot focaccia from Panificio Giusti, eaten while wandering Lucca's pretty streets. This traditional bakery sits behind a beautiful facade complete with evocative gold lettering and serves thick crust, thin crust and sweet focaccia, depending on your mood.

The city of Lucca itself can easily be enjoyed in a day, with the surrounding area offering myriad attractions and beautiful locations for basing yourself in your caravan. Be sure to hike in the Apuan Alps during your stay and take a trip to the coast at Versilia where sandy beaches await.

Where are you dreaming of for a post-lockdown caravan holiday? Do let us know.

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