Mix things up on your staycation this autumn

Make sure you're embracing these autumn alternatives
Make sure you're embracing these autumn alternatives

Wednesday, 16, Sep 2020 04:36

By Emma Dodd

Everything has been turned on its head in 2020, with foreign holidays being replaced by staycations, handshakes turning into elbow bumps and the office swapped for the spare room. So, in the spirit of a year that has forced us to adapt beyond recognition, let's mix things up even further.

Usually, autumn would be a time where we hunker down to the familiar after a summer of excitement and adventure. With the warmer months having not allowed us to fulfil our potential for trying new things due to lockdown and coronavirus restrictions, it's time to switch it up.

Swap the motorhome for glamping

Going away in your motorhome is always fun, but perhaps it's time to consider something a little different. If you haven't been abroad this summer, then spending that budget on an extraordinary stay in the UK could be a great way to brighten everyone's spirits this autumn. From yurts, domes and teepees to treehouses, eco pods and shepherds' huts, there's so many options to choose from and many of them are in stunning natural surroundings.

Swap your favourite caravan park for a new one

Just like a comfy old jumper that you pull out every autumn, it's so easy to return to the familiarity of a caravan park you've been to and enjoyed many times before. Now that the government has put the power for sites to stay open longer into the hands of local authorities, it could be a good time to try somewhere new. For many people, this might even mean a location closer to home, as in the past we've always been tempted to travel far and wide for our holidays.

Swap indoor cooking for outdoor cooking

Most modern motorhomes have a fairly well-appointed kitchen, but even still, we often turn to the barbecue during the summer months. There's nothing quite like cooking outdoors though to tap into the simple pleasure of campfire food. Wrapping potatoes in foil and placing them in the fire, stirring a weighty pot of stew and toasting marshmallows are all so comforting in autumn. There are a number of touring parks and campsites throughout the UK that allow campfires or fire pits, so book one of these for a true outdoor experience.

Swap hiking for paddleboarding

Hiking has always been a popular activity on caravan holidays in Britain, but you can get a totally different perspective on the landscape from the sea or a river. Paddleboarding has become more popular in recent years and there are plenty of places where you can hire the kit and have a go. While a wetsuit is recommended, just remember that the waters of the UK have had all summer to warm up, so it won't be as chilly if you fall in. There's also a good chance of seeing birds and wildlife as you serenely paddle by.

Swap the pub for a stargazing walk

Many of us live in cities or populated areas that are subject to light pollution, but a trip away in the caravan can often mean escaping artificial light. This represents a great opportunity to spend some time looking up at the sky and its incredible show of stars. Introducing children to stargazing is also a great way to help them appreciate the wonders of the natural world and a little bit of research in advance can help you identify what you're seeing. So, forget a trip to the pub and turn your head to the skies instead.

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