CaravanTimes Classic Gold: Adria Altea 542 DK

Adria Altea 542 DT
Adria Altea 542 DT

Thursday, 02, Jul 2020 09:28

By Emma Dodd

It's time for another edition of CaravanTimes Classic Gold and the motorhome under scrutiny this week is the Adria Altea 542 DK. Our reviewer, Neil Booth, bought this van back in 2013 when it had only just come onto the market and it's safe to say he was impressed.

Layout is always key to the success or failure of a motorhome and when you're planning to sleep six people inside it's even more critical. Mr Booth said this was achieved well in the Adria Altea 542 DK with the available space used sensibly.

There had been rumours around the caravan community when the model was first launched that the interior was ill-fitting, but the reviewer believes this was the result of a lack of understanding.

Heating and air flow gaps had been integrated into the design and would naturally be very important for a van sleeping so many people. To the uninitiated, however, these could be mistaken for build gaps.

Giving the caravan an overall rating of five, Mr Booth highlighted the model's stability and ability to accommodate a rack for two bikes. His only gripe was the lumpiness of the double bed at the front, but the children reported the fixed bunks to be very comfortable.

Mr Booth summarised: "Great use of space for a single axle van that sleeps up to six. Had four kids in the back and they were fine; plenty of space, but I would recommend an awning if you're filling the van with four plus two people."

He added the Adria Altea 542 DK represented great value for money, as there was no other caravan on the market with a mover and an awning at such a low price point.

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