Coachman 2020- Big Changes But With The Same Winning Formula

Coachman announce their 2020 line up
Coachman announce their 2020 line up

Wednesday, 14, Aug 2019 12:50

By Dan Cartwright

On the face of things the 2020 lineup from Coachman is very different from the 2019 ranges. Coachman now offer 3.5 ranges of caravans and 1 range of Ford van conversion motorhomes.

We will cover the motorhome in more detail separately as this is a big deal for the industry. The ranges for 2020 in order of price and specification are;

Acadia 10 models ranging from £21,800-£25,400

VIP- 5 models. £25,425-£27,495 ,

Lazer/Lazer Xcel- 8 models £31,265-£35,400

Before looking at each range individually the 2020 caravan line gives more clarity to the buyer and, assuming you can afford them, offers some amazing caravans. Also very important for a company known for its quality, attention to detail and build quality is that these big changes seem to have enhanced these "Coachman traits" and the condensed ranges seem to be a way of achieving better quality through rationalisation of individual models.

What this means to the caravaner? Well regardless of which range you choose from they all share a lot of Coachman heritage with things such as;

  • Individual Gas lockers that actually open fully, the highs work incredibly well and swapping gas bottles is easy
  • Internal fixtures and fittings are more akin to luxury apartments with brushed stainless steel kitchen sinks, designer taps and free standing bathroom sinks
  • Bathrooms are designed to be usable with both a hook and a separate towel holder - positioned where you want to see them
  • Sliding doors that work, that run smoothly and are attached at the bottom so they don't bow, move or rattle
  • Interior doors that are thick, fit squarely in the frame and handles that work and keep them shut
  • Alde wet central heating across all 3 ranges

So regardless of your budget you will be buying to the coachman appeal on quality and usability.

Now to have a look at the ranges.

Acadia Starting At £21K

This new range is considered the 'entry level' but having had a good look at all the new fixtures, fittings and exterior finish it cannot really be compared to other vans of the same price range.

Coachman have said that the new Acadia is not a replacement for the 'Vision' or Pastiche' ranges but more of an amalgamation of the two. Therefore improving on their cheaper range of vans without compromising the quality or features.

This range is extremely diverse with 10 different layouts across both single and twin axle platforms offer offering 2-6 berth options. And yes, there is even an 8ft Acadia in this range too!

There is a high level of specification both inside and out with an Alde heating system fitted as standard. The vans also feature Coachman's ABC (Advanced Bonded Construction).

There will be an exclusive unveiling of the brand new Arcadia 860 at this year's October NEC show too so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Entry level - that said it is not full entry level, as described above on build quality alone these caravans can not be compared to other entry level caravans ... unfortunately this is reflected in the price.

VIP Starting At £25,425

The VIP has been, for quite a while, Coachman's most popular van and has been their highest selling range to date. Not resting on the existing popularity Coachman have pushed the quality even further for the 2020 models.

The 2020 range will feature 5 models, where as last year had 6. Coachman are confident that these 5 new layouts will be the best on the UK market. 2 of the 5 models have actually been fully revised to appeal to a wider audience.

Some features that are new this year start with the change to the interior wood grain, locker doors and drawer front designs.

There have also been big changes to what you'll find in the kitchen and bathroom with a redesigned washroom featuring better storage and an improved level of usability.

On certain models you'll find additional under bed access lockers, which is new for this years line up as well as a stainless steel sink with glass lid.

Laser and Laser XCEL Starting At £31,265

Here at the higher end of the Coachman price range you really are seeing a luxury range that will really give rivals a run for their money.

Since reintroducing the Laser range in their 2019 portfolio the market response has been a resounding two thumbs. And once more Coachman are not resting on success but striving to improve upon their previous efforts.

These 5 models are fully kitted out with all the bells and whistles you'd expect at this price bracket. From LED touch sensitive dimmable lighting all the way to the Thetford C262 swivel toilet with electric flush.

You will see a lot of similarities on the interior in both the VIP and the Laser as well as a list of Laser specific changes, which you will only find on this flagship range.

The 2020 season will also see the introduction of the 8ft wide Laser XCEL added to the already quite impressive line up.

The new 8ft'er will feature an E&P self levelling system as well as a whole host of other unique refinements.

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