Bailey Olympus

Friday, 24, Jun 2011 01:10

Make & Model
Bailey Olympus
The caravan is fantastic to tow, the interior & exterior are just what we wanted.
Space & Practicality
A lot of floor space so you are not tripping over each other. Plenty of cupboard space & a wonderful large shower & bathroom
Quality & Reliability
Everything fine so far - no problems at all
Equipment & Comfort
The Olympus has LED lights inside & out which are far better than the normal lights & obviously energy saving too. Also the GREAT improvement by Bailey is that they have put the cupboard between the cooker & the fridge. We had trouble in our Pageant Vendee with food in the freezer going mouldy when we had used the cooker because they were next to each other.
Value for Money
The only optional extra was a chest of drawers to go between the 2 seating units but we are not really interested in that.
Reviewed by Mrs Bailey
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