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Sprite Alpine 4 - 2013

Another few pounds on manufacturing costs providing a few modifications would have created a wonderful two-berth caravan - what a shame...Read More
Sat 29-Mar-2014

Abbey Expression 520 - 2008

In my humble opinion, it's an attractive looking, comfortable, practical caravan, although sometimes I would like a fixed bed, end shower room....Read More
Mon 24-Mar-2014

Elddis Xplore 304 - 2011

It is a brilliant little van, which should prove popular with those with medium sized cars, and those who would prefer not to tow huge caravans....Read More
Fri 21-Mar-2014

Sterling Eccles Jewel - 2009

I went from being incredibly excited to have a brand new caravan to despair. Whenever we arrived at our destination, I would open the door with trepid...Read More
Tue 18-Mar-2014

Sprite Quattro FB - 2012

Lots of space, a joy to tow, bags of kit. Downside is there are only three power points....Read More
Sat 15-Feb-2014

Bailey Pageant Moselle - 2005

Highlights - washroom, excellent storage, tows well Lowlights - small bunks, washroom door, making up the double bed can be a bit of a puzzle...Read More
Fri 14-Feb-2014

Coachman VIP 560/4 - 2012

Lowlight: van is heavy, so large tow car required...Read More
Mon 03-Feb-2014

Hymer Nova 545 GB - 2008

Strong construction always feel safe in bad weather. A mover is a must as the van is heavy. Highlights: very warm in winter, cool in summer. Lowl...Read More
Wed 15-Jan-2014

Bailey Unicorn II Barcelona - 2013

Very pleased with the van - new heating system is great bed is very comfy......Read More
Fri 13-Dec-2013

Gobur Carousel 10/2s - 1985

No lowlights as such except some snobs in big motorhomes pass snide remarks. Highlights when people ask if they can see what it is like inside....Read More
Mon 04-Nov-2013

Coachman VIP 460/2 - 2009

Only complaint is the warranty...Read More
Mon 04-Nov-2013

Elddis Xplore 544 - 2010

We were delighted when we first bought this van but have been disappointed with the after service and will not purchase another van from Eldis....Read More
Fri 09-Aug-2013

Lunar Solar 524 - 2003

None...Read More
Sat 27-Jul-2013

Coachman Pastiche 420/2 - 2007

I will be upgrading endvof year, coachman have my vote, a little more pricy but worth saving my pennies, I would like a VIP 545....Read More
Thu 25-Jul-2013

Sprite Compact GT Pop-Top - 1982

The low lowlight is I moved to a house with narrow drive....Read More
Thu 21-Feb-2013

Adria Altea 542 DK - 2012

No lows yet....Read More
Mon 11-Feb-2013

Bailey Unicorn Cabrera - 2012

All good - only real comment would be the direction in which the door opens out makes sourcing a suitable porch awning difficult as it is likely to ha...Read More
Wed 21-Nov-2012

Sterling Elite Amber - 2012

Highlights, on the whole a very nice van. Tows superbly, looks excellent and day to day use again very good. Lowlights, a little bit down on quality ...Read More
Thu 15-Nov-2012

Adria Adora 642UP - 2012

A lot of caravan for the money. If we were buying over again, we would choose the same make and model....Read More
Wed 07-Nov-2012

Sterling Eccles Ruby - 2011

Caravan looks and tows great; it is well thought out and has some very nice features but the quality and attention to detail is woeful....Read More
Wed 26-Sep-2012

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