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Bailey Pageant

The Bailey Pageant Series 7: A new era of style and sophistication
The Bailey Pageant Series 7: A new era of style and sophistication

Monday, 19, Jul 2010 12:41

The Bailey Caravans' Pageant series began life in 1982. Its first incarnation as a mid-market, lightweight design was initially priced between £3,583 and £3,989.

After year on year improvements, Bailey Caravans changed their marketing strategy in response to evolving market trends. In place of annual model updates, the company decided to overhaul an entire range at a time, moving away from the traditional 'model year' to create a 'Series' number. This development welcomed in the arrival of the Bailey Pageant Series 5 in 2004.

The benefits of improving ranges as a whole, meant more time could be spent developing more substantial upgrades. The most up-to-date range is currently the Bailey Pageant Series 7 launched in 2008 to include eight layouts, and a further two four berth models were introduced in 2009, the Pageant Ardennes and the Pageant Sancerre.

High Spec Finish

Bailey upped their game with the Pageant Series 7, updating interiors with a new level of style and sophistication. Italian designer locker doors and a 'Bailey Teak' furniture veneer give a high quality finish. The range comes with a choice of two upholstery schemes - the Standard Hilton upholstery or the alternative 'Savoy' scheme, both are made from premium grade Belgian upholstery.

All Bailey Pageant Series 7 models have an impressive 7'6" wide strong bonded construction body shell. The flat panel roof allows for better storage at the front and the rear of the 'van, and a larger floor space provides more internal space.

Packed with numerous home comforts, a 115 litre Dometic fridge and microwave come as standard, along with the Thetford C-250 cassette toilet and 18 litre wheeled holding tank. The entertainment system features a branded stereo and speaker system with MP3 player connectivity.

Energy saving 12v LED pelmet lighting feature along the length of the interior and new bold sweeping graphics brighten up the exterior. The introduction of the AL-KO ATC Trailer Control System has made Bailey Pageant Caravans some of the safest on the road.

For more details, news, rumour and discussions on the Bailey Pageant, join our community group for Bailey Caravan Owners.

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ReviewsOverall Rating

Bailey Pageant Moselle - 2005

Highlights - washroom, excellent storage, tows well Lowlights - small bunks, washroom door, making up the double bed can be a bit of a puzzle...Read More

Bailey Pageant - 1998

No problems, updated a few things like status aerial and fire....Read More

Bailey Pageant Sancerre - 2010

Lighter than some of the other models we looked at from different manufacturers with the same layout, although not quite as well finished as some othe...Read More

Bailey Pageant Mozelle - 2005

Really happy with this caravan - it's a good family van for young kids. ...Read More

Bailey Pageant - 2000

My advise to future owners is to check for damp - use a damp meter to get accurate reading and find patches of damp where you might not be able to see...Read More

Bailey Pageant Moselle - 1999

The L-shaped lounge is super, it suits our needs very well. The end bathroom has been a real winner, overall considering its age, the van has lasted w...Read More

Bailey Pageant Provence Series 5 - 2006

Utterly happy with this van. The l shaped lounge is a good layout and it's great to be able to shut off the rear of the van for privacy....Read More

Bailey Pageant - 2004

I'd highly recommend future owners of this van to get a motor mover - it's a must have....Read More

Bailey Pageant Series 5 - 2005

A solid caravan, and excellent value for money considering what else was available at the time....Read More

Bailey Pageant Moselle - 1997

There are age cracks in the fibreglass outershell on the front and back. Water ingress occurs through the door where the gas bottle connects when it r...Read More


Contact Details

Bailey of Bristol
South Liberty Lane
Bristol BS3 2SS
Tel 0117 305 2939

Other Information

Join our community group of Bailey Caravan Owners

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Watch above to find out how the Bailey Unicorn and Pegasus GT65 coped with all the Australian outback had to throw at it

Watch above to find out how the Bailey Unicorn and Pegasus GT65 coped with all the Australian outback had to throw at it

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